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Two Orphaned Kittens Found Amidst Broken Glass Embraced By A Former Feral Mama Cat

Two Orphaned Kittens Found Amidst Broken Glass Embraced By A Former Feral Mama Cat

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Kate, the cat’s rescuer, comes from a cat-loving family from California. She rescued and took in a feral mother cat, whom she named Jennyanydots. 

This mama cat not only raised her own litter of three kittens but also embraced two abandoned kittens during a TNR effort.

Kate brought the kittens to Jennyanydots and to everyone’s surprise, she welcomed them like they were her own babies. 

cat with her kittens
Source: TikTok

Kate hoped that Jennyanydots would feed the babies, so they would survive, and that’s exactly what happened. Despite the challenge of introducing new kittens to an existing litter, Jennyanydots proved to be an exceptional mother. 

Their heartwarming story, shared on TikTok, went viral. Watch Jennyanydots caring for the kittens:

“Can you take some new babies?”

Once Kate asked Jennyanydots this, she meowed as though she was saying “yes.”

“They came to the right house, with the right mama.”

You can see Jennyanydots licking and grooming all the kittens like they were all her babies. The feral mama’s nurturing behavior astonished everyone. You can witness the touching journey on TikTok.

“Our formerly feral mama cat took in 2 feral kittens that were found on top of broken glass. No questions asked!”

owner petting cat and her kittens
Source: TikTok

Despite the risk of introducing strays to a once-feral mother, Jennyanydots welcomed them with open paws. Follow the entire heartwarming story here:

Kate continued sharing the incredible journey of this foster mama cat on TikTok.

cat laying on the bed
Source: TikTok

“Mama is very protective over the babies we gave her today. It’s so precious I can’t even deal!”

Although a mother cat’s love is unparalleled, even a healthy nursing cat like Jennyanydots might need some assistance. 

Kate fed the kittens formula with a syringe every two hours during the night because they weren’t latching, ensuring their healthy growth and happiness.

cat mom protects her kitten
Source: TikTok

Explore Kate’s TikTok profile to track their progress and witness the unfolding journey of the foster kittens embraced by Jennyanydots. 

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