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Woman Gets A Call About Her Cat Five Years After She Went Missing

Woman Gets A Call About Her Cat Five Years After She Went Missing

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Feya, a cat, went missing from her home in Ladson, South Carolina. Her owner, Alexandra, had given up all hope, as five years had passed since Feya’s disappearance.

However, one should never lose hope! Feya was found 5 long years later and 15 miles away from home. Here’s how!

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Credit: Instagram

Thanks to a microchip, of course! But why didn’t it happen sooner? That remains a mystery. Perhaps others tried to contact Alexandra before, but couldn’t reach her due to an outdated phone number listed on the chip. Who knows?

All until one fateful day when a kind individual stumbled upon Feya wandering the streets. They took her to the vet and quickly found Alexandra through her sister’s number which was listed under emergency contacts.

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Credit: Instagram

When Alexandra got the call, she was shocked! She was surprised and overwhelmed with emotions. She couldn’t believe her beloved cat had been found, especially so far from home.

When Alexandra came to pick her up, Feya wasn’t in good shape, but Alexandra was more than happy to finally see her and hopeful for her recovery

“Feya was in rough shape; underweight with injured paws and thinning fur, but Alexandra was overwhelmed to see that Feya recognized her, purring as Alexandra said hello after five years.”

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Credit: Instagram

Alexandra talked to ABC News and shared how sad and worried she was, but with time she had to move on:

“I never had closure because I didn’t know exactly what happened to her. But I had to accept it so I could move on.”

Aldwin Roman, the vice president of Charleston Animal Society, explained how it often happens that microchips contain outdated information.

“We’ll send someone to the address, and no one is living there anymore, or it’s not the same people. I think making sure that information is up-to-date is almost more important than getting the microchip.”

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Credit: Instagram

Luckily, Alexandra listed her sister’s number as an emergency contact and it was still working! Feya got back home and is on her way to a full recovery. Her fur will get its shine back in no time!

Other than fleas and some scabs on her body, she was healthy so her recovery will probably be swift. As far as her adjustment to her new-old home, she doesn’t seem to have an issue:

woman with cat
Credit: ABC News

Alexandra is overjoyed to have her best furr-iend back in her life! 

“My mission is to bring her back to normal – the fluffy, puffy kitty that she used to be.”

She also admits how she admires Feya for surviving on her own in the harsh outdoor environment. In her own words:

“She’s a miracle cat.”

Feya’s story is a great reminder to all of us, not only to microchip our pets, but to update the information regularly. You never know what can happen, even if your cat is an indoor-only pet, it might run away one day so it’s better to be safe (than sorry). 

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