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Florida Couple Creates Feline Paradise Where You Can Go Glamping With Hundreds Of Cats

Florida Couple Creates Feline Paradise Where You Can Go Glamping With Hundreds Of Cats

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Denise and Thom Howard’s journey into cat rescue started modestly in Jacksonville, Florida, where they devoted themselves to helping stray cats in their neighborhood.

Moved by compassion, they provided food, shelter, and medical care to these vulnerable souls. However, what began as a modest effort to offer a few cats a safe place and some tender loving care soon blossomed into something extraordinary.

Here’s their amazing story!

woman with lot of cats
Credit: Purradise Springs

To formalize their cat rescue endeavors, the Howards established Purrapy Inc., a home-based nonprofit. Word of their mission quickly spread, and soon they were overwhelmed with requests to help more cats in need.

However, their modest home couldn’t accommodate the growing number of rescues, prompting them to search for a larger space.

woman sitting with cat
Credit: Purradise Springs

Determined to create a place for as many cats as possible, the Howards invested in nine acres of land and turned it into a cat sanctuary called Purradise Springs.

The sanctuary quickly became a safe haven for over 100 cats rescued from dire circumstances, each now enjoying the peace and comfort of their new home.

cats lying on bed
Credit: Purradise Springs

With successful Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, adoption initiatives, and the tireless dedication of volunteers, Purradise Springs thrived.

Thom recounted their success and proudly shared in an interview:

“With TNR, adoptions, cats that have passed, and our current colony of 130+, we have saved well over 600 cats in seven years.”

cat lying on the wheelchair
Credit: Purradise Springs

Eager to share their sanctuary with others and raise awareness about their cause, the Howards came up with a unique idea: cat-centric glamping.

They designed charming tents, affectionately named ‘purrts,’ and placed them amidst the sanctuary’s lush greenery.

woman lying with cat
Credit: Purradise Springs

Here, guests could enjoy a vacation surrounded by friendly cats who often joined them for cozy nights under the stars.

Their innovative idea resonated widely on social media, especially on TikTok, where videos of guests surrounded by cuddling cats went viral.

tent with lights
Credit: Purradise Springs

This online fame brought a surge of visitors to Purradise Springs, with guests booking the ‘purrts’ months in advance. Thom excitedly shared:

“Our main three tents stay 80 to 90 percent booked now. In fact, I’m not sure we have an available weekend on the main three purrts for about three months.”

a cat cuddling with man
Credit: Purradise Springs

Today, Purradise Springs thrives as cat lovers from all over come to experience this unique blend of glamping and feline companionship.

What started as a modest rescue effort has transformed into a beloved vacation spot, positively impacting hundreds of feline lives and inspiring countless individuals to support the cause.

Through Denise and Thom Howard’s vision and determination, Purradise Springs continues to flourish as a place where compassion meets creativity, offering a purrfect retreat for both cats and cat lovers.

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