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Catographer Shares Some Of His Angriest Kitty Shots

Catographer Shares Some Of His Angriest Kitty Shots

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Nils Jacobi, a cat photographer and content creator, shares photos of his cats on his Instagram profile and entertains his followers on a daily basis.

He is not only a photographer but also a cat parent to four furry felines, Lissy, Frederic, Kleine, and Fritz. He often captures their adorable and sometimes angry moments.

I am, amongst other 380k Furry Fritz followers, a huge fan!

Nils has recently shared some of his angriest kitty shots, and the internet went crazy for them. Check them out!

He is an incredibly talented photographer. And how could he not be? With models as great as these. His talent truly shines through as he captures the beauty of these feline models.

But he doesn’t stop there, as he also captures the beauty of other people’s cats.

Just take a look at these cute, grumpy furballs!

photo of an angry tabby cat
Source: Facebook

One comment even jokes,

“Most wanted for smuggling catnip.” 

funny photo of an angry long haired cat
Source: Facebook

Hahaha, it cracked me up!

It is clear to me that it’s not all about the photographer, it’s more about the model…  

Angry kitties never looked so good… 

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the work this talented catographer shared with us, and if you want to see more, be sure to visit his profile. I assure you, you won’t regret it!

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