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25 Photos Of Cats Who Found Catnip And Went On A Serious ‘Nip Trip’

25 Photos Of Cats Who Found Catnip And Went On A Serious ‘Nip Trip’

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I believe that every cat parent can agree that catnip is a magical herb when it comes to our feline friends. It can transform our cats into wild and crazy jungle cats or cuddly furballs after just one sniff. But, why is that so?

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a common herb that belongs to the mint family. Its leaves are usually used to make tea, but the herb is also a main ingredient in some natural bug sprays.

Now, what effect does catnip have on cats?

Catnip’s leaves contain an oil called nepetalactone that can cause behavioral changes in cats after they sniff the herb. 

The herb mimics feline sex hormones, so cats usually display behavior similar to a female cat in heat. This includes affection, relaxation, and happiness, but some cats may also display aggression. 

Generally, catnip has a positive effect on cats. It helps them reduce anxiety, and stress, and relieve pain, which is why vets often recommend using catnip if the cat is facing previously mentioned issues.

It’s also important to note that not every cat will respond to the catnip herb, and each cat will react differently, you can also see it for yourself… Here are 25 cats who found catnip and went on a serious ‘nip trip’!

1. 1st Time On ‘Nip Trip’ 

Funny cat high on table

2. “Our cat gets high on catnip, then sits on the couch and watches family guy for hours. I walked in on her like this…” 

cat sitting like human

3. “Reactor core breach imminent!” 

cat with herbs

4. “My cat Felix, high off his ass on catnip.” 

funny cat

5. “My wife’s cat likes to get high on nip and ‘hang’ out in bags, or he meows incessantly until he does.” 

cat in plastic bag

6. The cat obviously needs to be restarted… 

funny looking cat

7. “So, I put some catnip in our food dehydrator and came to find this…” 

cat sleeping on cleaner

8. Catnip – Catnap 

cat with herbs on table

9. “Just my cat enjoying some catnip in the sun. He was seriously sleeping like this.” 

funny cat on grass

10. Cat + Nip = Cat Pole 

cat doing abs

11. My precious catnip! 

cat eating herbs

12. “Woke up to this disaster this morning, and now the cat is high as shit. I ain’t even mad.” 

Cat overdossed on herbs

13. “My sister decided to give her cat some catnip.” 

cat is too high

14. “Pink mice EVERYWHERE!” 

close up view of high cat

15. Bynx can’t handle catnip… 

funny cat with funny tounge

16. “My kitten found the catnip drawer and immediately had an existential crisis.” 

cat sleeping in shelf

17. “Chewy found where the catnip was being grown. This is him sitting in the planter, high as heck.” 

cat with some plants

18. “While we were out, my cat Wesley found the catnip bag, ripped it open, and this is what we returned to.” 

cat playing with her herbs

19. Spaghetti’s first catnip experience… 

cat looking too high

20. “Here’s my cat refusing to let go of her catnip bottle.” 

owner and his high cat

21. “Forgot I had catnip growing…” 

cat in catnip plants

22. “My cat is either really happy… or really high on catnip.” 

cat in owner hands

23. “The rug, I can taste its colors!” 

cat laying on rug

24. Cat shaming – Drug edition 

stoned cat

25. “There was a fresh catnip at the farmer’s market last week.” 

cat with herbs laying down

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