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45 Hilarious Photos Of Malfunctioning Cats

45 Hilarious Photos Of Malfunctioning Cats

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There’s so much we don’t know about cats, and probably never will. But, there’s one thing we all know. They can be hilarious, cute, smart, weird, and dumb at the same time.

The only important thing is that we can’t get enough of cats, and it’s never boring with them, as they never fail to make us laugh.

There’s even a group on Reddit dedicated to our hilarious cats, called “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” The group has over 200,000 members who post pictures of their cats in the most bizarre and hilarious situations.

So, here’s another laughing session for you. Check out these 40+ hilarious photos of malfunctioning cats and let me know what you think about them! 

1. This cat is about to speak Italian!

cat on the window

2. Bikini cat stopped working… 

silly cat on the sofa

3. Is It even alive?

funny cat laying on back

4. What a weird bat… 

cat hanging by the curtains

5. Kung-fu meowster

funny black cat on the bed

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6. Cats in the middle of the night, be like…

cat with silly face

7. Fell asleep like this… 

funny cat sleeping on the shelf

8. This kitty is literally chilling.

two cats laying together

9. A purrfect hiding spot

cat in bathroom

10. Saddie is having a nice stretch in the sun… 

cat stretching on the couch

11. He got stuck and is not happy about it.

cat on the tree (2)

12. I don’t know how is he comfortable like this.

black cat stretching

13. Just as the prophecy foretold

cat with letters

14. Chilling…

cat on the desk

15. She finally caught her tail.

cat in funny position

16. She sleeps as though she has bills to pay

cat sleeping with face down

17. You can’t even go to the bathroom by yourself.

kitten in mans pants

18. This cat is sleeping with her eyes wide open, and it’s not creepy at all… 

cat laying (2)

19. Cheers!

cat with head in water can

20. Trying out the new pose…

funny cat on stairs

21. What kind of liquid is this?

cat in a weird pose on the table

22. Another comfy spot

cat on the palm

23. Which cat is made of snow?

cat with snowman cat

24. I’m not sure what happened here… 

cat holding for window

25. Napping in the middle of the yoga session.

cat napping in a funny position

26. Just wanted some treats.

cat hanging in the store

27. Not thirsty at all… 

cat biting the pipe

28. Catflix and wine

man relaxing with cat and glass of wine

29. He looks concerned… 

cute cat laying

30. “Every time I try to fold my kitchen towels, my cat does this”

cat playing in the kitchen

31. “She yells until I let her join me in the bathtub”

cat in the plastic box

32. Weird cat, weird sitting position.

cat laying on the blanket

33. “This is my cat on the TV”

black cat walking on two legs

34. Cat zoomies

silly cat in box

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35. “He carries his ball into the tub, knocks it around for hours, and then passes out”

ginger cat in bathtube

36. It’s official – cats are liquid.

cat in wooden bowl

37. Looks like it’s fighting for its life.

cat hanging on the door

38. When you’re sick of your cat following you to the bathroom, but it makes this look.

cat sitting on the floor

39. Find the cat!

cat peeking through the door glass

40. Guardians of the bed

two white cats sitting in the house

41. Trying to bathe your cat be like… 

cat on the shower

42. No description needed… 

two funny cats

43. “He sits like this a lot…”

cat on chair with legs hanging

44. “ I’m trying to do my homework, and then…”

cat peeking under the desk

45. I don’t think these kitties like each other… 

cat laying on another cat in box

I hope you enjoyed these pictures just like I did, and that you had a good laugh. If you’d like to see more hilarious cat photos, make sure you check out the following:

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