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15 Hilarious Reminders That Cats Truly Are Inscrutable

15 Hilarious Reminders That Cats Truly Are Inscrutable

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They are mysterious, unusual, fun, and interesting…all of these adjectives describe our beloved feline friends. How would I describe them in one word? Inscrutable.

Inscrutable: impossible to understand; not readily understood.

1. I’m A Hooman, Too. See?

2. Nothing Suspicious, They’re Just Waiting For Their Owner

3. Purrfect Shadow In The Fur…Perhaps Too Purrfect Hmmm

4. Are You…Me?

5. They’ll never find me.

6. I’ll Always Be Watching…

7. Heeere’s Johnny!

8. Peek A Boo.

9. This Is My Basket Now

10. Today, I No Cat, I Chicken.

11. You’ve summoned me?

12. I’ll just blend in with the TV

13. I can see you, but you can’t see me

14. Sir, sir! Can I speak with you about your car’s limited warranty?

15. Don’t just think outside the box, live behind it!

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