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Pig Raised By Cats Now Has An Identity Crisis, His Story Will Make Your Day

Pig Raised By Cats Now Has An Identity Crisis, His Story Will Make Your Day

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How you feel inside is all that matters, and Dragonlord can agree! Although born a pig, he thinks of himself more as a cat. Nothing weird about it, since Dragonlord was actually raised by cats.

While still a piglet, Dragonlord was rescued by Caitlin, the founder of Rancho Relaxo, and adopted into her family of foster kittens.

white piglet
Source: Facebook

He was tiny and weak, and nights were dark and cold, so Caitlin decided to keep him inside until he grew bigger. Little did she know that Dragonlord wouldn’t grow into a typical pig.

pig and cat
Source: Instagram

Upon arriving in the family, a tiny piglet quickly befriended kittens Sriracha and Raisin. Unhazed by their differences, little buddies became so inseparable they even slept together.

Sriracha groomed Dragonlord, teaching him the ways of cats, while Raisin taught him how to play properly like the true cat he was, deep inside.

He was such a good student he even learned how to purr!

cat and pig
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The initial plan was to take care of a piglet until he was ready to join other pigs in the barn, so that’s what Caitlin was about to do. However, Dragonlord didn’t share her excitement, especially when it started pouring outside.

“It was disastrous. He was not happy at all,” shares Caitlin.

After an unpleasant outdoor experience, Dragonlord has chosen to stay indoors, surrounded by creatures he loves the most – his feline friends. Caitlin was left with no other choice than to keep Dragonlord inside, where he was the happiest.

pig in a bed
Source: Instagram

“He’s Dragonlord, lord of the cats.”

Rolling in the mud and bathing in the sun might be an ideal life for other pigs, but not for this little fella. His dream life was playing and cuddling with his furry friends. Let’s just hope he doesn’t enjoy 3 am zoomies too.

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