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Man’s Heart Breaks When He Stumbles Upon A Poisoned Mother Cat Of Three Kittens

Man’s Heart Breaks When He Stumbles Upon A Poisoned Mother Cat Of Three Kittens

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Today I’m sharing the story of Bella, a beautiful mother cat of three adorable kittens who recently had a dangerous encounter that could have had a fatal outcome.

As Bella was wandering around her neighborhood looking for food, she found a mysterious box, not knowing that what was inside could be fatal.

Thankfully, a kind man named David found her before it was too late…

mother cat and her kittens
Credit: Facebook

Drawn by the strong smell coming from the box, Bella tried to push it open with her paws. Desperate and hungry, she used all the force in her fragile feline body and eventually ended up lifting the lid of it.

Inside was a piece of rotten meat, giving off a rather unpleasant smell. 

As a stray, Bella was in no position to be picky when it came to her meals, so she took a bite of the foul piece of meat. Right away, she felt something wasn’t right, as a strange taste filled her mouth.

man taking away kitten from mother
Credit: Facebook

Bella soon realized that the meat was poisoned. Within minutes, she lost control of her body and collapsed to the ground.

Fortunately, at the same time, David was approaching the corner where Bella was lying motionless on the ground. 

He quickly understood that she was poisoned, so he carefully picked her up and took her and her three kittens to the nearest veterinary clinic.

cat and kitty in a room
Credit: Facebook

At the clinic, the vet started treatment immediately. Since it was a milder form of poisoning, the vet administered IV fluids, antibiotics, and medication for pain and nausea. 

While Bella rested at the clinic, her kittens stayed by her side, clearly worried about their mom. 

During this time, David decided to adopt Bella and her babies. So, once Bella recovered and was ready to leave, he brought them to their new forever home.

skinny cat eating from a bowl
Credit: Facebook

Bella and her kittens quickly settled in with their new dad, David. He made sure they had everything they needed: Tasty food, fun toys, cat trees, cozy beds, and much more.

Wanting to erase any memory of their tough life on the streets, David took such good care of his new feline companions.

If it weren’t for David, Bella might not have survived, and her kittens would have had to grow up without their mom or meet a similar fate. Thanks to him, this little family got a second chance at life – and boy, is it a great one!

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