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Four Portland Kittens Rescued From Cold Stray Life By A Woman With Huge Heart

Four Portland Kittens Rescued From Cold Stray Life By A Woman With Huge Heart

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It’s not unusual to come across an inspiring feline rescue story online. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take any given chance to celebrate our courageous rescuers.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do now! Get ready to give a big round of applause to the heroine of today’s tale.

Meet Jessica Thompson, the brave woman who rescued four kittens from the rain, cold, and outdoor stray life. 

four cute kittens are lying on a pink pillow
Source: @jennpidgeon

Jessica is a lovely foster momma and a skilled veterinarian from Portland, Oregon. Rescuing felines in need and providing them with a warm and loving home is her area of expertise.

Recently, she opened her heart and home to four tiny kittens she found on the rainy streets, shivering in the cold Portland winter.

These kittens were frightened, chilled to the bone, and clearly starving. Jessica quickly provided them with warm blankets and a delicious meal that they devoured without a moment’s hesitation. 

On her Instagram profile, Jessica mentioned that she and her team unfortunately couldn’t locate the kittens’ mother. But given her determination and willpower, they likely never stopped searching.

Once the kittens were done with their dinner, Jessica had her hands full with post-meal kitten shenanigans. Oh, the delightful struggles of living with kittens, right?

The kittens spent a total of five days under Jessica’s loving care before being transferred to another kind-hearted Portland-based foster momma, Jeniffer Pidgeon. Jessica shared the reason behind their relocation on her Instagram, saying: 

“Sometimes being a foster mom means making the best choice for your foster kitties. In my case, this means that these messy 4 moved on to another foster home. (…) With work and the medical cases I have right now, I just cannot keep up with keeping them clean, fed and still take care of me. Deep breath. Sigh. I only had them for a few days, but I miss them already.”

Jessica’s decision showcases her immense responsibility and incredible compassion. She ensured these four kittens would have the best possible life by finding them another loving home. 

It might have been a tough call, but it was undoubtedly the right one!

Under Jennifer’s foster wing, the kittens continued their journey and received all the love and care they could possibly need.

They had a lot of older feline siblings to show them all the nooks and crannies of Jeniffer’s house. It’s safe to say that they were very happy in their new home. Just listen to them as they purr their little feline heart out:

Jeniffer affectionately nicknamed her new furry companions ‘mushroom kittens’ and documented their growth journey on her Instagram

The kittens received four adorable names: Oyster, Enoki, Button, and Porcini. They were very fluffy, affectionate, playful, and very sociable, and they enjoyed spending time with their siblings Jingles and Carrot.

mother cat with kittens lying by the window
Source: @jennpidgeon

After a couple of months, as the mushroom kittens grew a bit, it was time for them to go to their forever homes. 

They were intended to be adopted in pairs. Porcini and Enoki were the first duo, and Button and Oyster the second. All four of them went to cat-friendly homes, concluding their initially sad tale with a happy ending.

kittens lying on a pillow and posing for the camera
Source: @jennpidgeon

I’m so glad there are people like Jessica and Jeniffer who are relentless in their determination to help felines in distress. May they – and every feline benefactor out there – lead a happy and healthy life, full of adorable kitties.

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