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Pregnant Calico Cat Was Thrown Out Of Car In The Middle Of Winter, Left To Fend For Herself

Pregnant Calico Cat Was Thrown Out Of Car In The Middle Of Winter, Left To Fend For Herself

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Everybody knows how cruel the winter can be to our beloved feline friends who are forced to live their lives on the street. 

Now, picture the added difficulty for cats who, in addition to enduring the elements, are also pregnant – and cast aside by their owners who consider them too burdensome.

The cat in the story you’re about to read recently faced such a fate. Pregnant, alone, and heartbroken, she found herself in freezing temperatures, desperately searching for love and warmth.

pregnant calico cat walking in the snow
Credit: YouTube

Just a short while back, a beautiful calico cat was heartlessly thrown out of a black car right in front of a small-town convenience store, at the onset of winter.

The poor fluff was shivering in freezing 30-degree temperatures as her previous owner drove away. 

Local folks quickly noticed that the cat was pregnant and nearing birth, yet no one stepped up to assist her.

She did her best to stay warm, pacing back and forth and rubbing against the legs of passersby, hoping to catch their attention, but they remained focused on their own concerns.

cat looking up at the camera
Credit: YouTube

One day, a kind-hearted man named Nicolas drove past the store when he saw the distressed cat. Due to personal reasons, he couldn’t stop to help her, but the image of her freezing in the cruel winter remained with him.

The next day, he spotted her again, this time hidden beneath a bench at a bus stop. Sensing something was wrong, Nicolas knew he couldn’t drive away again, so he stopped his car and approached the cat.

Upon seeing her, he was horrified: The cat was freezing, barely breathing, and her tail was stuck to the icy ground. 

But what caught Nicolas’s attention the most was that she was protecting four tiny newborn kittens lying motionless beside her.

Completely heartbroken, Nicolas carefully scooped the cat and her kittens and rushed them to his home. 

calico cat sitting
Credit: YouTube

Back at home, Nicolas tried everything he could to save them, using warm water bottles and battles to raise their body temperature. 

Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the kittens didn’t survive. Their mom, however, showed incredible resilience and began to recover. Nicolas named her Ellie, relieved that she was showing signs of improvement.

After a few days, though, her condition worsened, leading Nicolas to take her to the vet, who diagnosed her with inflammation.

The road to recovery was challenging, but with Nicolas’s determination and the vet’s help, Ellie’s condition soon improved, and she regained her strength. 

Her frostbitten tail had to be docked and sterilized, but apart from that, she was a healthy feline who had managed to survive the worst and was now ready to be a part of a loving home.

close-up photo of the calico cat
Credit: YouTube

Although Nicolas desperately wanted to adopt Ellie, he couldn’t. His cat, Mua, refused to accept Ellie and behaved aggressively toward her.

With no other choice, Nicolas had to find Ellie a new home where she could feel safe and loved.

After an extensive search, he finally found the perfect family eager to welcome sweet Ellie into their lives. Like Nicolas, they were devoted cat lovers thrilled to provide a loving forever home for the adorable calico kitty, who had endured so much.

Ellie quickly settled into her new home and seemed to adore her new pawrents, bringing immense joy to Nicolas. He knew he had made the right decision to help her and offer her a second chance at life.

If only there were more people like Nicolas! The world would be a better and safer place for all felines.

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