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Pregnant Cat Was Crawling On The Ground Until One Encounter Changed Her Misfortune

Pregnant Cat Was Crawling On The Ground Until One Encounter Changed Her Misfortune

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We all know how cruel street life is for stray cats. They face struggle at every turn, all alone. Yet, for those who carry tiny lives within them, this struggle multiplies.

A woman saw a pregnant cat struggling on the ground. It looked like she fell and was unable to stand up.

As it wasn’t already enough for her to face the hardships of cruel, street life alone, now she’s having kittens as well. Her eyes were fixed on this woman, pleading for help.

pregnant cat lying next to a blue box
Credit: YouTube

Although the woman’s heart sank at this sad kitty, her allergies held her back. Yet, she couldn’t ignore her suffering and wondered how to help.

She knew she needed to act urgently, especially when she realized this poor thing was about to give birth. So, despite her allergies, she took her to the hospital and the labor soon began.

It wasn’t until the next morning that it was finally done. Sadly, out of four tiny newborns, one didn’t survive. The remaining three furballs were all safe and sound.

pregnant cat lying in a kennel
Credit: YouTube

The woman decided to take them all home and care for them. With no prior experience with cats, she did her best to give them everything they needed. She placed them on her balcony and nurtured them with all the love in her heart.

Every day, she kept a close eye on the kittens and, despite her allergies, found ways to care for them. Yet, caring for this cat family wasn’t without challenges.

Soon mama cat faced health issues as her bowel didn’t move and her inflammation increased. Fortunately, with hearty meals and tender care, she quickly bounced back, making her caregiver happy and relieved.

cat getting examined
Credit: YouTube

Day by day, this caring woman watched joyfully as her kitties turned into a happy and healthy family. The babies were lively and playful, and their mama was the most affectionate cat she ever saw.

However, one day, she noticed one of the babies wasn’t feeling well. She rushed him to the hospital and found out this poor thing had difficulties with breathing.

The vets did all they could, but sadly, he didn’t make it. It was so heartbreaking to watch as his mama licked him for a final goodbye.

close-up photo of cat
Credit: YouTube

Despite the setbacks, the woman persevered and kept on loving and caring for her little cat family. She named the mama cat Joy, and the two kittens Ping Ping and An An.

The kitties thrived under her care. Ping Ping and An An grew bigger and stronger each day, and their mama watched over them with pride and love. However, even when everything seemed to be going well, a terrible thing happened.

One evening, while Joy played outside, an intrusive stray cat attacked the babies, leaving them both with wounds. The woman immediately placed them in her bedroom, to prevent any more harm.

cat's eyes glowing in dark
Credit: YouTube

She set a trap on her balcony and before long, the intruder was caught. When Joy saw him, anger burned in her eyes like never before. It seemed this caring mama instinctively knew that he was the one who hurt her babies.

When this fierce attacker was sterilized and released into the wild, the woman was relieved, hoping he would never hurt another kitty again.

Thankfully, both kittens recovered from their injuries and blossomed into healthy, happy kitties, each with their own unique personality. An An was a lively troublemaker, always up to some mischief, while his sister was a true sweetheart.

two kittens
Credit: YouTube

When they were two months old, the woman decided to find them a forever home. Ping Ping was soon adopted by a loving family and An An spent some time in a foster home before returning to the woman.

As Joy finally found her peace, she couldn’t leave her caregiver who was her pillar of strength through countless hardships.

The woman seemed to feel the same way, and as her allergy wasn’t acting up, Joy and An An remained by their side, knowing they’d found their happily ever after.

They embraced their future together with open hearts since they knew as long as they had each other, they could overcome any obstacle!

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