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Cat Stranded On Top Of A Building For Four Days Gets Rescued And Reveals A Sweet Surprise

Cat Stranded On Top Of A Building For Four Days Gets Rescued And Reveals A Sweet Surprise

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You know how cats often end up in the strangest or most dangerous spots? Well, let me tell you about a cat that was stranded on top of a building for four days. 

She put her rescuers through a tremendous effort to bring her to safety but had the most heartwarming surprise for them in the end!

A poor cat ended up on top of a tall passage tunnel connecting two school buildings. She remained there alone and starving for three days, meowing desperately for help.

photo of cat in the dark
Credit: YouTube

Thankfully, someone noticed her plight and a rescue team promptly arrived. They knew they had to act fast to save this desperate feline, so they rushed to the nearest floor, using a flashlight to assess her state.

When they saw the fear and agony in her eyes, it only strengthened their determination to help her as quickly as possible. They hung a water bowl with a rope through a window, but she remained still, too scared to move.

cat stranded on top of the building
Credit: YouTube

After removing the window, they began tossing food to this frightened cat. Hungry as she was, she cautiously approached and started eating. But just when they thought they’d be able to rescue her, things took a scary turn.

As she was searching for a way down, this poor kitty moved to the edge of the building and, in a heart-stopping moment, she fell off! Everyone held their breath and quickly ran down the stairs trying to find her outside, but she wasn’t there.

cat peeking of the edge
Credit: YouTube

When they went back up and inspected the place from which she fell, they finally spotted her. Somehow, she managed to land on a windowsill, and to everyone’s relief, she seemed fine.

Cats truly possess amazing survival skills and it’s incredible how they seem to defy gravity and come out unharmed in the most unexpected situations.

woman opening the window
Credit: YouTube

However, the cat disappeared again and her rescuers frantically searched for her throughout the night. In the morning, they finally saw her paw prints leading to an open window.

This time, she managed to squeeze through the narrow gap and find refuge inside a lecture room. Yet, the search wasn’t over for this dedicated team as they still couldn’t see her anywhere.

woman pushing a large tube
Credit: YouTube

Suddenly, they noticed a small movement in the exhaust tube of a large machine. Feeling the cat’s warm body inside, they were finally relieved.

However, a few minutes later, the movement stopped and everyone feared the worst. Using an endoscope camera to inspect the tube, they realized the cat was stuck inside and couldn’t move at all.

close-up photo of the cat
Credit: YouTube

As her eyes didn’t respond to the camera light, they knew her condition was serious. A vet arrived and helped her regain strength by passing fluids through a small opening. Once they removed the tube, the team was finally able to set her free.

Four days of enormous stress had undoubtedly taken a toll on this poor cat, but thankfully, now she was safe and sound. Yet, as the team treated her injuries, they noticed something strange with her belly.

cat getting an ultrasound
Credit: YouTube

To everyone’s surprise, this resilient cat was pregnant with four healthy kittens! Everyone was thrilled to know that all their efforts paid off, saving not just one, but five precious lives.

close-up photo of rescued cat
Credit: YouTube

Despite everything she’d been through, her strong maternal instincts kept this brave kitty and her unborn babies safe. Thanks to their caring rescuers, they are now ready to embark on a new chapter, far from past troubles.

You can watch the whole rescue mission here.

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