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Pregnant Tortie Cat Was Mercilessly Abandoned In The Middle Of The Woods By Her Previous Owners

Pregnant Tortie Cat Was Mercilessly Abandoned In The Middle Of The Woods By Her Previous Owners

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People have to understand that having a pet comes with a great responsibility. Pets are not toys; they cannot be thrown away when we get bored. They have emotions and need our help.

However, when Maud, a sweet tortie feline, got pregnant and needed help more than ever, her owner heartlessly dumped her in the woods. Suddenly, the kitty found herself all alone, vulnerable, and frightened.

pregnant cat
Source: RSPCA

Lost and confused, Maud, like any devoted mother, summoned her fighting spirit to survive. She struggled to find enough food and water, not just for herself, but also for her unborn kittens.

While struggling to survive, Maud had no idea what was about to happen next, but she was luckier than she imagined.

black cat sitting
Source: RSPCA

One day, a kind woman walking her dog in the woods came across the desperate pregnant kitty. She immediately took the cat and brought her to her local shelter.

The shelter warmly welcomed Maud and the professional team did everything they could to make sure she was healthy and feeling well.

When she arrived at the shelter, Maud was dehydrated, but fortunately, she was saved in the nick of time. 

two cats laying
Source: RSPCA

Shortly after her arrival, Maud gave birth to two beautiful kittens. Despite everything Maud had been through, her kittens were perfectly healthy and strong.

Maud and her kittens are taken good care of at the RSPCA shelter, and hopefully, they’ll find their forever families when the right time comes for that.

Thanks to this kind woman who saved pregnant Maud, and the professional team from the shelter, they’ll never have to struggle again. Maud can finally relax and heal, living a life full of love, joy, and happiness.

two black cats chilling
Source: RSPCA

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