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Friendly Tuxedo Kitty Works At A Railway Station And Has The Best Job Ever

Friendly Tuxedo Kitty Works At A Railway Station And Has The Best Job Ever

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We all know that our stray feline friends often adopt specific spots as their outdoor semi-residences of choice.

Whether it’s a restaurant they return to daily for food, a police station they inhabit, or even a nursing home or liquor store where they “work,” stray cats seek a place where they can feel a sense of belonging. 

However, did you know that some privileged indoor cats love to abandon their cozy homes and warm beds to embark on their daily adventures?

If you don’t believe me, then meet Fanny – a beautiful tuxedo feline known to many as The Gipsy Hill Cat

At 13 years old, Fanny has long enjoyed the comforts of a forever home with a devoted owner and three loving feline siblings: Jasper, Tabby, and Tabby Junior. 

Despite all her home comforts and luxuries, this senior lady has a daily routine of venturing out for special adventures. 

For years, her wanderings have taken her to a nearby station where she – get this – works as a commuter greeter! 

Fanny is often seen perched atop the contactless card readers on Platform 1 or snuggling into passengers’ laps, where she steals head scratches or nibbles on their breakfast pastries.

As her Instagram bio proudly proclaims, she is “the world’s friendliest station cat!” – a title that is absolutely deserved. 

People adore meeting Fanny and often say she’s the best part of their day. One of the station’s regulars commented on Facebook

“She is only around for early trains and usually attracted by the rustling of the croissant bag. Always up for a cuddle and always makes my day to see her.”

Fanny thrives on the love and attention she receives from passengers, greeting them with lots of purrs and leaving them smiling, likely feeling much happier than before they arrived at the station. 

She’s truly the ultimate commuter greeter – I seriously hope she gets her raise!

People adore meeting Fanny, often taking photos with her to share on their social media accounts. 

For instance, a man named Kieran shared his encounter with Fanny online, captioning it:

“@TheGipsyHillCat gave me a big cuddle this morning before I got on my train to work! #BFF #goodmeowning 🐱💙💚💜😘love her”

While waiting for their train, one person seized the moment to cuddle Fanny. After snapping a photo, they posted: 

“Gipsy Hill Station Cat is keeping me company this morning – can probably smell the cake in my bag…”

It seems like this man’s long wait for the train turned into meeting a wonderful new furriend…

Another grateful passenger took the opportunity to publicly thank Fanny for her years of service at the station, writing:

“@TheGipsyHillCat thanks for showing me how to touch in Fanny! Nice to have informative staff on the platform!”

photo of cat licking itself
Credit: @jaklmusic

Fanny is dearly loved by her local community, and it’s almost as if she has countless owners all around the neighborhood. 

They stop at nothing to support their favorite station friend in every need!

On two occasions, Fanny was in dire straits, requiring urgent medical attention – once after being hit by a car and rupturing her diaphragm, and another time when she suffered a serious infection. 

Each time, the community quickly set up an emergency fundraising page

Thanks to their dedication, the needed funds were raised within an hour, ensuring Fanny could swiftly return to her beloved post at the station.

I hope Fanny enjoys many more years of good health, continuing to work at her favorite railway station and interacting with her beloved commuters.

If you’d like to see more of this charming tuxie, feel free to visit her Instagram and X profile. She’s a true beauty for sure and deserves all the love from around the world!

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