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TOP 10 Reliable Maine Coon Breeders In Wisconsin

TOP 10 Reliable Maine Coon Breeders In Wisconsin

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Maine Coon kittens, like all pets, require a lot of attention and care, but you must know that since you are looking for Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin.

I have researched Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin for some time and compiled this breeders list below. All of them are registered, ethical, certified breeders and that is exactly what you need if you are looking to buy a purebred Maine Coon kitten in the Wisconsin area.

I’ve done quite a lot of research on Maine Coon breeders, located in different areas, and have noticed something interesting. Prices of purebred Maine Coons are a lot lower in Wisconsin, so you’ll be sure to find yourself a bargain.

The following are the most reputable, registered, ethical, and certified Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin. I’ve provided some information about all of them, and included links to their official websites so you can check out more about the availability of kittens, their parents, prices, etc.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin

The following Maine Coon cat breeders are all located in Wisconsin and are registered with one (or more) of the following: TICA (the International Cat Association), ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) or WCF (World Cat Federation).

The ones registered with TICA are: Rock Hill, Zeus Pride, Grey’s Acattery, Dzcoonz, CDreams, Heart Sings, BigLuv, Dynasty, and Kosmik Cattery.

CFA registered breeders are: Rock Hill, Grey’s Acattery, Dzcoonz, CDreams, Beach Paws, Dobrev Coons. ACFA registered are: Zeus Pride and CDreams, and WCF registered are: Heart Sings, Dobrev Coons, Dynasty Maine Coons.

Some of them even offer the possibility of checking and reserving a future Maine Coon kitten, you can check out their payment details, adult Maine Coons, and some even have photo galleries where you can see previous kittens.

List Of Best Maine Coon Breeders In Wisconsin:

1. Zeus Pride

maine coon cat laying outdoor

📍 La Crosse

Zeus Pride is a Cattery of Excellence and these breeders offer purebred European Maine Coons that come with a five generation pedigree.

They are hobby breeders, but are registered with TICA and ACFA.

The breeders at Zeus Pride cattery love and care for all their kittens from birth until they are ready for their forever homes. One of the breeders in this cattery is also a mental health therapist, and she has also been learning about all the positive impacts cats have on people.

These ‘gentle giants’, as many people call them, are a cat breed with the sweetest temperament and are quite unique. These breeders believe that this breed needs to be preserved and are doing whatever they can to achieve that.

This cattery is home–based and they treat all the cats like family, and they hope that their kittens will find a family that will treat them the same. They want you to be happier and have a more fulfilled life once you bring their kitten into your home.

Breeder Info

Address: 2514-2598 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601, USA


Social Media: Facebook

Phone Number: 608-799-7904

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Dobrev Coons

maine coon cat in nature

📍 Milton

At Dobrev Coons, they separate the Maine Coons into classic paws and polydactyl paws. All their kittens are well–adjusted and sociable, they socialize with people of all ages, and are used to cuddles.

These breeders treat all their cats and kittens as their own pets, and claim that nothing goes unnoticed from the cats: they do everything with cats by their side.

At Dobrev Coons, they test all the breeding cats for possible genetic disorders and diseases, and you can see the results online or be provided with them via email. Their kittens are vaccinated before going off with their new owners, and they need to be neutered/spayed in order to receive registration papers.

All their kittens receive pedigreed international passports. These breeders will happily help you when choosing a kitten, they will try and find the best match for you. They also offer help with transport, delivery, or assistance while you raise your new furry friend.

Breeder Info

Address: Milton, Wisconsin 53563


Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Phone Number: 262-309-4682

E-mail: [email protected]

3. Dynasty Maine Coons

maine coon cat with dirty fur after rolling in the dirt

📍 Berlin, Wisconsin

At Dynasty Maine Coons, they breed cats imported from Europe. After a lot of research, they have decided to breed high quality bloodlines, and now they specialize in silver tabbies.

They believe that the reason their Maine Coons differ from others is their strong bone structure and large muzzle. They have a strict protein–rich diet that they believe is the key factor to their successful breeding.

Their breeding cats are fed salmon, beef, quail, rabbit, duck, chicken, and mackerel, and also plant–based kibble. They also stick to affordable prices, and their Maine Coon kittens almost never exceed $3000.

They are very serious about their business and they strive to breed and raise beautiful, healthy kittens that will be well–adjusted, friendly, and sociable before they move into their forever homes. You can check out more details, and their waiting list on their website linked below.

Breeder Info


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Phone Number: 715-225-8053

E-mail: via website form

4. BigLuv Maine Coon Cattery

Gray fluffy Maine Coon cat sits in green grass

📍 Mukwonago

This breeder used to be a veterinarian before she started her breeding business. While she was working as a vet, she encountered the Maine Coon breed and knew that she would one day own a cat of that breed.

She loved the looks and the personality of Maine Coons, and especially the fact that they are known to get along well with other cats and dogs. When the day came, she devoted her time to breeding Maine Coons, and is still doing so.

She got quality breeding cats, and produced quality kittens. She often attends cat shows and has several awards. Her Maine Coon cats sometimes grow even bigger than the average size. All breeding cats are tested for HCM, and FelV/FIV.

All kittens at BigLuv cattery are cuddled and snuggled from the day they’re born. They receive all the care and attention their breeder can provide. These kittens socialize with other cats and dogs, so they are sociable, friendly, and prepared for their new homes.

Kittens are fully vaccinated before they leave the cattery and are sold with health guarantees.

This breeder loves it when people come in and take two kittens together to their forever home, and she always provides a discount in such cases. Her kitten prices are a bit lower than usual prices of Maine Coons, be sure to check them out on the official site.

Sometimes, at BigLuv cattery, they sell adult Maine Coons, older ones, or retirees available for sale. Another thing that this breeder notes is that she doesn’t sell kittens for breeding.

Breeder Info


Social Media: Facebook

Phone Number: 262-613-9339

E-mail: [email protected]

5. Rock Hill Maine Coon Cats

Beautiful silver Maine Coon cat in a bright room

📍 Prescott

Rock Hill is a small cattery operated by a family that loves Maine Coons and has had them as pets for more than 20 years. They breed and raise their kittens in a home environment.

All kittens are left to bond with their mothers, and then socialize with the whole family. These breeders, like the ones at Dobrev cattery, also divide their Maine Coons into polydactyls and classic paw Maine Coons.

All their kittens are sold with health guarantees, registration papers, and parents’ health documents as required. All breeding cats are HCM and FIV/FelV negative.

You can check out more detailed info about breeding Maine Coons, kittens, payment details, etc. on their official website linked below.

Breeder Info

Address: W29 Prescott, WI, U.S.A.


Social Media: Facebook

Phone Number: 612-581-5671

E-mail: [email protected]

6. Dzcoonz

Maine Coon cat walk in winter field

📍 Lodi

Dzcoonz started operating in 2003, and hasn’t stopped since. They love breeding and raising purebred Maine Coons, they sometimes attend cat shows as well. They raise their kittens in their home, which results in well–adjusted and extremely sociable Maine Coons prepared for their forever homes.

These breeders chose to maintain their cattery as a closed type so they continue producing kittens by health standards, meaning that they almost never breed with cats from other catteries. Their breeding cats are examined and tested for HCM every year.

The breeders at Dzcoonz provide a homemade raw food diet, which optimizes cat’s health and they believe that diet and nutrition has much more impact on genetically predisposed diseases and conditions than is known.

All their kittens are examined by the vet, however they don’t recommend the usual vaccines if cats will only stay indoors. All their kittens are sold with a contract that includes an agreement on neutering/spaying. Once the kitten is fixed, you can claim their registration papers.

Breeder Info

Address: Sun Prairie, Lodi, Wisconsin


Phone Number: 608 8420123

E-mail: [email protected]

7. Grey’s Acattery Maine Coons

Maine Coon cat on a brown background

📍 Janesville

Grey’s Acattery is owned and operated by a mother and daughter who not only love TV shows, but they love Maine Coons even more.

They adopted a Maine Coon and were smitten by the looks and personality of the breed. All their kittens socialize with other cats and children, and are free to explore around their property.

They breed and raise Maine Coon kittens in a variety of colors and patterns. You can check out their kittens, breeding cats, prices, and adoption process on their website. For more info about them you should contact them directly, since they did not share that info on their website.

Breeder Info

Address: Janesville, Wisconsin


Phone Number: 608-290-0845

E-mail: [email protected]

8. CDreams Maine Coons

Maine Coon cat laying on the floor

📍 Lodi

CDreams Maine Coons have award winning cats, and are members of the ACFA. They test and examine all their cats for any health issues, and all their kittens are sold with health guarantees.

They are strongly against declawing cats, and they don’t allow this to be done to their kittens. They breed pedigree cats and you can check out each cat’s ancestry on their website. You can see photographs of their breeding cats, adopted kittens, any available kittens, and more info about them on the website listed below.

Breeder Info

Address: Lodi, Wisconsin


Phone Number: (608) 332-3234

E-mail: [email protected]

9. Beach Paws Coons

maine coon cat outdoors in sunny green garden

📍 Burlington

Beach Paws Coons is a small home–based cattery that has been in the breeding business for more than 15 years. They breed and raise Maine Coons underfoot and the kittens are therefore used to everyday life activities.

All kittens are well–adjusted, sociable, smart, and they love to cuddle. Before they leave with their new owners, they will be vaccinated and litter trained. These breeders have a lot of breeding cats, however, some of them live with the breeders’ friends.

All are raised in a home–like environment, however, some kittens will also learn to socialize among dogs since some of these people also own dogs.

Beach Paws breeders are hobby breeders and they note that potential buyers, or anyone who might want to correspond with them, calls them on the number I listed below.

Breeder Info

Address: Burlington, WI 53105


Phone Number: 262-716-6559

10. Kosmik Cattery

black Maine Coon cat

📍 Random Lake

Kosmik Cattery is operated by certified breeders. All their breeding cats are examined and tested for various genetic and hereditary diseases and conditions.

All their kittens will be well–adjusted and healthy when you come to pick them up, and you will be required to keep them in good health and to neuter/spay them within the appropriate age limit. Once you present the veterinary neuter/spay documents, you can get the kitten’s registration papers.

On Kosmik Cattery official website, you can check out their previous litters, if there are any upcoming litters, photos of breeding cats, and more detailed information about them.

Breeder Info

Address: W6703 State Hwy 144, Random Lake, WI 53075


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch

Phone Number: 1-(262)-339-8775

E-mail: [email protected]m


What are some of the characteristics of the Maine Coon?

This cat breed is best known for its large size, gentle nature, and a truly majestic appearance. Maine Coons are large, long–haired cats that have slightly different ears from other domestic cats. They have pointy ends that resemble the ears of a lynx.

They have big eyes that are fairly almond–shaped. They are large, so everything about them is bigger than it is in other domestic cat breeds, including their paws.

What is the average lifespan of a Maine Coon?

The life expectancy of this cat breed is from 13 to 15 years. This is their typical and expected lifespan, however, there are records of Maine Coons that have lived for more than 15 years.

What are some of the benefits of owning a Maine Coon?

Primarily, you will have a large cuddle buddy at your disposal at all times. Besides that, Maine Coons are known as the sweetest cats, they are calm, with a sweet and gentle temperament.

They are good with other pets, friendly towards people, and great for families. A Maine Coon is playful, intelligent, sociable, loyal, and extremely affectionate. This cat breed is a great choice for a pet, they will surely show and provide you with unconditional love, and will appreciate the love you give to them.

What is the average cost for a breed of Maine Coons?

Their price usually starts around $1000, but it all depends on the breeder and the age of a Maine Coon. Purebred Maine Coons, depending on the breeder, can cost up to $4500.

Final Words

All these aforementioned Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin are reputable, ethical, and registered. All of them are professional and have been very helpful with their previous buyers.

I believe that you have a wide choice of equally good breeders here, the only thing that differentiates them might be their price or availability of kittens.

The Maine Coon cat breed is a truly exceptional breed and if you are serious and you want to provide a new home for a pet, you will definitely be happier with a Maine Coon and you can surely make it happy as well.

I hope that my research results on Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin have helped you find what you’re looking for. Hopefully one of these will be suitable for your requirements.

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