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I Rescued A Kitten And This Is Our Touching Journey

I Rescued A Kitten And This Is Our Touching Journey

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I recently adopted another young tabby kitten and named her Loo. Now, I have 7 cats. Some people would say this is too many, but there’s no one happier than me.

When I remember how I rescued Loo from the street, it still amazes me that we both succeeded and that now we’re enjoying each other’s company.

I was going back home from work and it was raining heavily. Despite having the umbrella, I was completely wet. But, all of that stopped bothering me when I heard squeaky excessive meows nearby. 

I immediately knew it was a helpless kitten, but I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from due to the traffic sounds around me. Most people would just continue walking and head to their homes, but not me. I just couldn’t go home until I found that kitten.

It took me several minutes to find it because the kitten was so scared and had hidden under a car. I started calling it, and luckily, I remembered that I had cat treats with me. I gave them to the kitten. It immediately came to me but it was obviously frightened. Finally, we went home. 

I checked the kitten and concluded it was an uninjured, healthy female. She snuggled in my arms while I was carrying her as though she’d go under my skin. When I saw her big green eyes looking at me, I knew I was going to keep her.

Bringing Loo Home

cute cat with strings

Here you can see that Loo is frightened. She has flattened ears and dilated pupils which are the most common signs of fear in cats.

Bringing Loo home was the happiest but also most stressful moment. I was lucky to have another cat, but I knew that she would need some time to adapt to her new home and the other cats. So, I needed to be patient.

I separated her in a garage to prevent exposing her to other cats on her first day. She was so frightened. Still, she would let me pick her up in my arms but I could tell that she was so afraid of everything and that the only place where she felt safe was in my lap.

little kitten relaxing

Loo snuggled in my arms, but still extremely frightened.

I provided her with a cat bed, a box, food, and water bowls so she would have everything necessary. The next day, she was completely the same; she was just lying in the box or bed and – what worried me most – she didn’t meow at all. 

The reason for my worries is because if a cat doesn’t meow at all, it could be a sign of serious health issues that require special help. Luckily, it didn’t last for too long.

Loo Became A Different Cat Just Two Days After Her Arrival

woman cuddling little cat

Loo enjoying her pet session in my lap, only two days after her arrival.

Cats usually need a week or more to adapt to their new environment, families, or other pets, but it looks like Loo is a master of these things. This never happened to me before, but Loo adapted to her new home sooner than I thought. 

So, the next day, I went to the garage to check on her and feed her, but as soon as I opened the door she started meowing excessively and loudly, she immediately jumped in my lap and started purring and rubbing against me. 

I was so confused because she behaved like a totally different cat. However, I was happy that the adapting period was finally over. Loo turned out to be a very playful and entertaining kitten. One of her favorite activities is jumping on my shoulders and she likes to rest there after a good play.

Introducing Loo To My Other Felines

cat on mans shoulder

Loo is happy and relaxed, resting on her favorite spot – my shoulders.

I kept her in the garage for several days and after that, I started introducing her to other cats. During that time, she was already very playful and didn’t care much about the other cats’ reactions. I would let them meet during the day, but only under my supervision. 

If you get another cat, you should always pay attention to introducing cats properly. When will the cats accept each other mostly depends on their personalities and on your approach. Looks like I did it gradually but correctly because Loo fit in other feline’s company quickly. 

Two weeks after Loo’s arrival, I noticed her sleeping snuggled between Mikey and Mr. Bitey. When I saw that, I was sure that they had accepted her, and that she was now safe with them.

I still think about that:

When I heard that excessive meowing, I knew I needed to find the kitten but I wasn’t that prepared for adopting another one. However, I fell for her beautiful eyes and needed to keep her. I think that if it wasn’t for me, she would have been dead.

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