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Seattle Cat Found Trapped In A Storm Drain After Mysteriously Disappearing From His Family Home

Seattle Cat Found Trapped In A Storm Drain After Mysteriously Disappearing From His Family Home

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A surprising twist happened in a calm Seattle area when Rafa, a Siberian mix famous for his love of adventure, snuck out of his house without anyone noticing. His owners, Jose and Susan, were caught off guard as they looked for their dear furry friend.

The house became quiet after Rafa’s getaway. Jose and Susan anxiously shouted his name, but their favorite cat was nowhere in sight. 

They kept searching until the next morning when Susan heard faint meows from somewhere close by. 

recoring of cat
Credit: YouTube

It turned out that Rafa was trapped in a storm drain, partially submerged in icy water 45 feet below the ground. 

Then, panic set in. Time was running out, and a storm was approaching, which could make the pipe even more flooded.

They were desperate to save the poor cat, so Jose and Susan gathered everyone in the neighborhood to help rescue him.

Firefighters, utility workers, and even Roto-Rooter employees all came together to save Rafa before the storm arrived. 

rescue team helping the cat
Credit: YouTube

It was a tough challenge with prickly bushes, a steep pipe, and cold water blocking their path, but they were determined to succeed.

They worked for hours and hours without stopping. They carefully got rid of the bushes, dug up the pipe, and at last, sliced it open. 

And there he was, Rafa – alive but trembling nonstop. Just as dark storm clouds were gathering in the sky, Rafa was finally out of danger.

man holding the cat
Credit: YouTube

However, Rafa’s troubles didn’t end there. He was quickly taken to the animal hospital, where the vet said he had severe hypothermia

Rafa had to stay in the ICU for a while, but he never gave up. Luckily, he soon fully recovered and was back to his cheerful self. And the best part? His story had a happy ending.

man hugging the rescued cat
Credit: YouTube

It grabbed the interest of a pet insurance company Nationwide. They gave him the special Hambone Award, which is only given to the most extraordinary pet insurance claim of the year. 

This heartwarming story not only made Rafa famous but also showed how the community came together to save him. On top of that, Rafa’s family got a $1,000 gift card, a $1,000 donation to a pet charity in his honor, and a fun trophy shaped like a ham.

cat and its owner
Credit: YouTube

Overall, I’m relieved that Rafa’s safe. Hopefully, this close call will make him appreciate the safety and coziness of his own home (and steer clear of any potential dangers like storm drains) – at least until his next adventure!

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