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You’ll Be Amazed To Find Out What Extraordinary Gift This Rhode Island Cat Has

You’ll Be Amazed To Find Out What Extraordinary Gift This Rhode Island Cat Has

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I assume you already know that cats have remarkable senses which actually allow them to be such excellent predators in the wild. 

Thanks to their remarkable senses, it’s also believed that cats can recognize when someone is sick. Of course, they’re not psychic, nor do they know what is wrong with a particular person. However, they might notice certain changes in their bodies caused by various health issues.

For example, my grandma had a stroke and as a consequence, she cannot use her left arm, and her kitty always lays on the left side of her body, especially near the hand. So, I believe that she can sense that something’s wrong with her hand.

However, if you meet Oscar the cat, you’ll also learn that it’s possible for cats to recognize that someone is sick or near death. That’s how Oscar became famous. He predicted over 35 deaths when he was only 6 months old.  

Photo of Oscar, the cat who could predict death
Photo from: Facebook

Oscar was a therapy cat who lived in the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. He turned out to be perfect as a therapy cat. Every day he would check on around 40 dementia patients.

Where Did Oscar Come From?

Originally, Oscar was a stray cat who was rescued from the streets. Since then, he was raised at home, and he was never very affectionate. As he was working as a therapy cat, he would check on around 40 patients every day.

However, doctors started noticing the strangest thing ever. As Oscar wasn’t that affectionate, you’d never know where he was. Either he was with the patient or somewhere relaxing on his own. 

One day he entered the patient’s room and calmly waited. The next morning, the patient died and Oscar left the room.

At first, everyone was shocked, but they thought it was a coincidence, but Oscar continued doing the same thing. 

As David Dosa M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine says in the interview:

“He only stays with the patients if they really are at the end of life, if the family doesn’t object. He will come into a room and jump on the windowsill and sit there for hours on end. Occasionally he will jump on the bed and curl up next to a patient and he’ll be there until the very end.” 

photo of Oscar and his owner
Photo from: Facebook

The most likely explanation for this behavior was that Oscar was able to detect the smell of certain chemicals that are released by someone who is about to die.

David Dosa even wrote a book about this remarkable cat, Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat. You can find it and buy it on Amazon where you can read more amazing stories about this unique therapy cat.

cover of the book about Oscar, the cat who could predict death
Photo from: Facebook

So, what do you think? Did Oscar have some special gift or does every cat possess this ability?

I think it’s a little bit of both. 

Oscar was a very talented cat with remarkable senses and a kind soul to comfort those who were near the end, but not every cat can do this. Would you like to spend your last moments with such a kitty? I’m sure I would.

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