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10 Photos That Prove Cats Are Always There For Us

10 Photos That Prove Cats Are Always There For Us

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Every cat owner has experienced the uncanny ability of their feline companion to understand their emotions. Whether feeling stressed or lonely, your cat always seems to be there for you!

Studies support this phenomenon, showing that it’s not just a mere feeling. Cats can genuinely sense our emotions and respond to them in a meaningful way. 

They have an impressive knack for detecting our dissatisfaction and are swift to provide comfort and sympathy. And if you need further proof, just take a look at these ten pictures.

These cat owners shared their experiences, illustrating that cats truly are the best friends we could ask for, even if we don’t always deserve them.

1. Black Cat Snuggles

woman sleeping with cat

2. Always There, One Leg Up And All

white cat with man

3. “I had surgery a few years ago, and here are my rabbit and kitten trying to make me feel better while I slept.”

woman and cats sleeping

4. She felt a little under the weather and had spent all day in bed. This has been her company.

cat sleeps in a funny pose

5. He wasn’t feeling well, so Cosmo came to the rescue.

cat with boy

6. She just had double knee surgery and her pets have made it their responsibility to comfort her.

woman with cats on the couch (2)

7. “My cat trying to comfort me after a breakup…at least that’s how it seemed”

cute cat in the house

8. “My fiancé broke up with me a week before our wedding, leaving me pretty depressed. But after 14 years, he’s never left my side. He’s my best friend”

cat relaxing in the house

9. This little boy was not feeling well, so Simba didn’t leave his side.

boy playing games with cat next to him

10. The cat snuggling her future friend.

cat on the pillow

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