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This Adorable Cat’s Droopy Eyes Make Him Look Sadder Than Any Other Feline

This Adorable Cat’s Droopy Eyes Make Him Look Sadder Than Any Other Feline

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While watching different cat videos, I’ve seen many different cats who can make certain facial expressions and I think it’s so fascinating. I really believe that sometimes you can tell their feelings just by looking at their face.

Even if you come across different animals on the street, you can tell by their face that they’re miserable and in desperate need of help.

However, the kitty that I’m going to introduce you to is considered to have the saddest face, despite having a beautiful life.

Meet Pancho, a 13-year old kitty who has earned the title of “the saddest-looking cat on the internet”.

While some people may feel sorry for Pancho after seeing his picture without knowing his story, his adorable face helped him become a real internet celebrity. He captured everyone’s heart, just by having this adorable facial expression.

How is it possible to have such a sad and cute face? Pancho’s owner Akira Yamaguchi explained that Pancho has had droopy eyes since he was a kitten, and that is the reason why he looks sad in the photos. He added:

“But it happens occasionally. Pancho is usually cute.”

Their journey started when an elementary school student found an abandoned kitten. He was saved and provided with protection and good care. 

Later on, the student had to find Pancho a loving family who would continue taking good care of him.

From that moment, Pancho and Yamaguchi bonded and the cat became a beloved member of the family. 

Pancho has been a constant source of joy and companionship for all those who have had the pleasure of knowing him. 

Furthermore, Yamaguchi describes Pancho as a true lover of all, despite his sad-looking face. He says that Pancho has an infectious personality that basically draws people towards him, and that he’s very affectionate.

“Everyone loves Pancho and Pancho loves everyone in return. He gets along well with everyone. And he is very spoiled.”

It’s a beautiful thing that Pancho has a charm and charisma that captures the hearts of so many people. And despite Pancho’s popularity growing, Yamaguchi says that it’s not all about the fame. He said:

“I am grateful that so many people love Pancho and that he has brought happiness into their lives.”

Another important thing to mention here is that Yamaguchi is deeply committed to the well-being of all cats, not just Pancho.

“I’m glad that many people like cats. I want more happy cats in the world.”

So, it looks like Pancho’s popularity has a purpose; for Yamaguchi to share Pancho’s story and the joy he brings, which will help create a world in which all cats are loved, cared for, and valued for the amazing creatures they are.

If you come across Pancho’s photo on the internet, don’t let his sad face fool you – he’s living his best life!

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