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Maine Coon Tuxedo Cats Are True Gentlemen Of The Feline World And Here’s Why

Maine Coon Tuxedo Cats Are True Gentlemen Of The Feline World And Here’s Why

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The Maine Coon cat has a unique appearance. As if its magnificent fur wasn’t enough, tuxedo patterns began to appear and became more popular! So, what does this pattern look like?

The tuxedo coat pattern in cats is a bi-color pattern that usually has black and white markings that resemble a tuxedo. 

Many cat breeds can have a tuxedo coat pattern. However, only eight have it as a recognized breed standard, and the Maine Coon is one of them. 

Facts About Maine Coon Tuxedo Cats

  • Maine Coon tuxedo cats, like all Maine Coons, are friendly, intelligent, loyal, and large in size. 
  • Despite their size, Maine Coons love to cuddle and they love being picked up. 
  • They are friendly with other pets, including both dogs and cats. 
  • It is best to adopt another cat to keep a Maine Coon company because they tend to be prone to separation anxiety.
  • A purebred Maine Coon has large ears that are pointed at the tips and oval-shaped eyes.
  • Tuxedo Maine Coons are rare, but they’re not as rare as silver or smoke coat patterns. 
  • Maine Coon tuxedo cats are prone to a few health issues (just like any type of Maine Coon). The most common conditions they are susceptible to include PKD, stomatitis, periodontal disease, SMA, HCM, hip dysplasia, and obesity. 
  • Maine Coons usually live up to 14 years of age. 
  • The Maine Coon cat breed is highly popular and is frequently found in lists of the most popular breeds. 
  • Maine Coon tuxedo cats are usually black and white, but they can have different pattern types.

Types Of Maine Coon Tuxedo Cats

There are still some people who are surprised that there are Maine Coon tuxedo cats. They are often black with white markings which resemble a tuxedo, hence the name of the pattern. 

However, the tuxedo coat pattern in Maine Coon cats can also be red, blue, cream, or tortoiseshell. 

In every variation, the white color is present on their paws, face, and chest, (sometimes on the tail too) somewhat like Sylvester the cat from Looney Tunes. Now let’s see how different colors form a tuxedo pattern. 

Black Tuxedo

black maine coon tuxedo cat wearing a tie
Photo from: @luxthetuxedocat

The black tuxedo pattern in Maine Coons has black with white markings on the chest, paws, and face. This type is the most common one, and it is quite popular. 

Red Tuxedo

A red tuxedo pattern in Maine Coon cats is also referred to as orange or ginger, and it is not that common. 

Blue Tuxedo

blue tuxedo maine coon cat
Photo from: Pinterest

A blue or grey tuxedo Maine Coon has the same white markings as the black tuxedo, and to some people, it looks like a washed-out version of the black tuxedo. However, this blue tuxedo type is rarer than black or red tuxedo cats.

Cream Tuxedo

cream maine coon tuxedo cat
Photo from: Pinterest

A cream tuxedo is a diluted color version of the red tuxedo. The cream tuxedo is, again, rarer than red. This is because of the diluted genes and their recessiveness. A kitten needs to receive at least one diluted gene from both its parents. 

Tortoiseshell Tuxedo

tortoiseshell tuxedo maine coon
Photo from: Pinterest

Usually, a Maine Coon tuxedo cat has one base color and white markings. However, the tortoiseshell tuxedo pattern has two base colors mixed. 

The tortoiseshell tuxedo pattern in the Maine Coon cat breed has a red and black base, or a diluted blue and cream base. 

So, what do you think about these tuxedo Maine Coon kitties? Do you like this coat pattern? Which color type did you like the most?

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