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Senior Stray Cat Decides To Trust Rescuers And It Changes His Life

Senior Stray Cat Decides To Trust Rescuers And It Changes His Life

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Whenever I encounter stories about senior stray cats, I can’t help but wonder what these poor souls have been through.

They never knew the warmth of a cozy bed and what it’s like to receive endless cuddles from a loving pet parent. 

In today’s story, I’ll tell you about Gingerbread, a senior stray who spent his life on the streets.

The Stray Cat Club is a cat rescue organization helping numerous stray cats in their search for a forever home. One day they were informed about a cat colony living at an abandoned construction site.

big fat cat
Source: Instagram

The volunteers rushed there ready to save the poor strays. However, once they arrived the team realized it would take them more than a day’s work!

It seemed like every reckless owner decided to abandon their cat here, which led to a huge number of stray cats. 

The amazing team was dedicated to place every cat from the area in a loving foster home, spending weeks at the abandoned construction site. While the rescue mission was ongoing, the team had a secret admirer lurking from behind. 

Gingerbread, the adorable senior stray, didn’t trust the rescuers at first and decided to carefully observe them from a distance.

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The volunteers gave Gingerbread as much time as he needed, however, the rescue mission was coming to an end. Gingerbread was the last stray cat in the area and all of his friends were already placed in loving foster homes.

The adorable senior fluffball realized the humans were there to help, so he decided to come out of his hiding place. 

One of the volunteers welcomed Gingerbread with some ear scratches and the old fellow started purring instantly!

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Source: Instagram

Soon enough, Gingerbread found himself in a foster home, but the poor soul was overwhelmed. He went into hiding and it took him days to finally come out of under the bed.

His foster mom made sure to give him time and show him what it meant to be a spoiled house cat. She showered him with endless cuddles and kisses, while he peacefully slept on her lap. 

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Source: Instagram

Soon enough, Gingerbread became the true definition of a purr machine. He enjoyed the perks of being a house cat which only meant he was ready for adoption.

However, his foster mom noticed that his teeth were sadly in bad shape. As shared in an update on Instagram:

“Life as a stray meant an inconsistent diet, sometimes there was food other times there wasn’t. Although we don’t know what he has lived and seen, his teeth speak a lot about his past as they’re all cracked and damaged.”

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Source: Instagram

The vet had to remove most of his teeth since it was causing poor Gingerbread pain and discomfort. He recovered quickly and soon after the procedure, the rescue organization posted an amazing update:

“We are happy to say that he has been adopted today by his fosterer, who can not bear to part with him.”

His amazing foster mom fell in love with old Gingerbread and couldn’t bear the thought of letting him go!

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Source: Instagram

I’m so happy Gingerbread found a loving forever home where he can enjoy his senior days to the fullest. 

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