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A Stuffed Animal Is The Only Thing This 16-Year-Old Cat Has Left From His Owner

A Stuffed Animal Is The Only Thing This 16-Year-Old Cat Has Left From His Owner

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We all need friends and someone to rely on in our lives, as for Hoonie, a 16-year-old senior cat, that someone was a stuffed animal. 

This plush toy, even though shabby and used up, was Hoonie’s favorite “person” and the only thing that brought him comfort after his owner passed away.

stuffed animal next to a cat
Credit: Facebook

Hoonie’s story began to change one fateful day when he was brought to the Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, Maryland. 

After his human passed away, Hoonie faced an uncertain future. The owner’s daughter, heartbroken yet unable to keep him due to allergies, turned to the shelter for help. 

With his life turned upside down, Hoonie clung to the one thing he had left: his favorite stuffed toy, a best friend and lifelong companion he got from his owner many years ago.

cat hugging stuffed animal
Credit: Facebook

The staff at Alley Cat Rescue immediately recognized the depth of Hoonie’s sorrow. Each day, he seemed more lonely and sad, seeking comfort in his plush toy, the last thing he had left from his old life. 

The team at the shelter was determined to find him a loving home, so they made it their mission to help this sad senior cat.

cat lying with stuffed animal
Credit: Facebook

Brianna Grant of Alley Cat Rescue recalls the first day Hoonie arrived and explains how they could see how much he was hurting. 

The stuffed animal was always by his side, a memory of the bond he shared with his former owner. The shelter knew they had to act quickly to help him, hoping his poor heart would heal.

gray cat lying
Credit: Facebook

In the shelter’s cozy office space, Hoonie got a room of his own to help him adjust. Although the headquarters is a free-roaming area for cats, the staff felt that Hoonie needed a quiet place to settle and adjust.

There, with his plush companion close by, Hoonie started to show signs of his sweet, affectionate nature. He would meow loudly, calling for company, and then fall silent the moment someone entered his room. 

photo of stuffed animal
Credit: Facebook

His owner’s daughter made sure the shelter staff knew what he dislikes and what he likes the most, and according to Brianna, Hoonie’s favorite thing in the world is his stuffed toy!

During his stay at Alley Cat Rescue, Hoonie spent his days gazing out the window, watching cars go by, and curling up next to his well-worn stuffed toy. The staff, moved by his story and his resilience, provided him with all the affection they could. 

cat looking at stuffed animal
Credit: Facebook

Hoonie never leaves his stuffed buddy, I guess it reminds him of the life he used to have, and of all the years he spent in his home with his owner.

Despite all the sadness and sorrow, Hoonie remains a friendly cat and won’t say no to cuddles or affection at any time. 

stuffed animal and cat
Credit: Facebook

Even though his heart still aches for the loss of his beloved human, Hoonie enjoys cuddles with the shelter staff and anyone who wants to be by his side.

It’s a good thing that everyone at the shelter is very caring and affectionate and they all love Hoonie very much! Their amazing care and efforts once again paid off as they found a loving home and a man to spend his golden years with.

In a heartwarming twist, Hoonie’s new owner was actually his old owner from 14 years ago! 

photo of senior cat
Credit: Facebook

The shelter packed his stuff up and Hoonie was soon on his way to his new, old, home. As they shared on Facebook:

“He had owned Hoonie with his girlfriend over a decade ago and when they broke up the girlfriend took Hoonie with her. The couple had multiple pets together and thought it was best to have Hoonie go with her. He hadn’t seen Hoonie since then.”

Once he saw Hoonie’s photo on the shelter’s page, he reached out to them, wanting to take in his old furry friend.

Hoonie and his stuffed pal are on their way to a new life, carrying all their memories with them and open to creating new ones along the way!

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