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New Jersey Shelter Launches A ‘Neuter Your Ex’ Program For Valentine’s Day And People Love It

New Jersey Shelter Launches A ‘Neuter Your Ex’ Program For Valentine’s Day And People Love It

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The minute this shelter posted its new program online, it became a huge hit! 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some clever minds over at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in New Jersey came up with an incredibly cool idea to mark the occasion.

Amidst the deluge of lovey-dovey commercials and chocolate-and-flower campaigns, Homeward Bound took to Instagram to unveil its own Valentine’s Day program, capturing the attention of thousands.

“Neuter Your Ex For Valentine’s Day! That’s right, for just $50 Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center will name a feral cat after your ex. The cat will then be spayed or neutered before being released back to their colony as part of our trap-neuter-return(TNR) program.”

Their hilarious ad went viral in no time, with people heading over to their official website to cash in their requests. 

Their fundraising campaign has received a better response than they ever hoped for, and people are still signing up! 

Their “neuter your ex for Valentine’s Day” program allows you to pay $50 or more, and the shelter will name a cat after your ex and then spay or neuter it afterward.

How brilliant is this? Eric Schwartz, the shelter’s director of development, shared:

“A group of us were in a meeting talking about some fun ways to raise money over Valentine’s Day. We were discussing a petagram. A board member mentioned that an idea had come through a volunteer about ‘neuter your ex.’” 

Well, hats off to that volunteer! This idea is pure genius. By the end of the first day, they already had five cats named after someone’s ex-lover. Five, and still counting…

I don’t know what’s funnier – the whole idea or the slogan that came out of it: “Because some things shouldn’t breed.” As Schwartz explains:

“I think it becomes so relatable to people because whether they want to talk about it openly or not, I think an image or a name comes into their mind. So it’s just kind of taken off, and we’re certainly appreciative of the attention that it can bring to these animals.”

Beyond the laughter and positive feedback, their TNR program plays a crucial role in controlling feral cats in the New Jersey area, resulting in fewer stray cats and, consequently, fewer diseases. 

Another fantastic aspect of the shelter’s program is that it doesn’t just cater to stray and feral cats; it’s also open to people who can’t afford to have their pet cats neutered or spayed.

So far, the shelter has received up to 50 names, and they advise everyone to use only a nickname or the first name of their ex. We don’t know whether anyone’s ex knows about this program, but people are definitely getting a kick out of it.

Everyone finds it amusing, and besides being a smashing success in the marketing field and beneficial to the cat population, it also, in a small way, provides solace to those who have been hurt by their ex.

Amidst the flood of positive comments praising the idea and calling for the person who came up with it to get a raise, there was also this gem:

“Donated! The real guy deserves to be neutered, but a cat with his name will do. Lol!”

Hahaha, I think we can all relate! Hats off to Homeward Bound and their clever ad that brought smiles to many faces and, more importantly, helped many cats.

One woman seems to have thought it through, as she asked whether the name had to be an ex’s, or could it be an ex-friend or a childhood bully, to which the shelter replied “It could be anyone they want it to be.” 

Well, I bet there are many more people yet to sign up! What do you think about their program? Have you signed up for a name yet?

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