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Shelter Volunteer Can’t Believe What Was Inside The Mysterious Box Left At Their Front Door

Shelter Volunteer Can’t Believe What Was Inside The Mysterious Box Left At Their Front Door

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As an animal rescuer, I myself have witnessed unusual and unexpected things. During one rescue mission with the local shelter I volunteer in, instead of a “kitten in need” we found seven cats and 13 kittens.

This was a long time ago, but nevertheless, if you ever set out on any rescue mission be prepared for the unexpected. 

Similarly, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions experienced an unusual rescue mission the other day when one of their volunteers came to work and noticed a mysterious box in front of the door.

a box in front of the door
Credit: Facebook

Imagine how puzzled the volunteer was… However, an experienced shelter worker would have probably guessed what was inside the box right away. Kittens! That’s right. 

Upon closer inspection, they even saw a handwritten statement on the box: “Free kittens.” Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions wrote on their Facebook page:

“The only note was a handwritten statement on the box ‘free kittens’. We rushed them inside and immediately checked them out.”

a box with a sign
Credit: Facebook

As can be seen further on their Facebook page, there were five kittens in total, not older than 14 days. They all appeared to have been fed not long before the shelter volunteer found them.

The kittens were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet, warm and chubby as if someone left them there seconds before the shelter’s opening hours. Perhaps that’s exactly what happened, but who knows.

bunch of kittens
Credit: Facebook

At the same time, it’s good and bad. How could anyone abandon these babies? But at least they abandoned them at the right place.

Who knows what kind of trouble they posed to the person who was forced to leave them. Luckily they did the right thing and left them at the shelter.

Kimberly Wade, the marketing manager at Homeward Bound explains how she too is angry, but also grateful, for this act.

“On one hand, you are angry, upset, frustrated and baffled by how this could happen. On the other hand, you are grateful they were dropped off at our door compared to leaving them on the street.”

tiny kitten
Credit: Facebook

Thankfully, all kittens are doing just fine. However, the shelter is always looking for foster parents and potential adopters, so if you’re near Las Vegas or live in the state of Nevada, go check them out.

If you have the means to help out or even take some of the kittens into your care, give them a call. 

These kittens, named Flora, Chloe, Luna, Taylor, and Charlie, found their fosterers, but there are still many other kittens and cats in need of a loving home.

kitten in hands
Credit: Facebook

Today, all of them enjoy the comfort of their foster homes, growing and thriving. Homeward Bound workers hope their story will encourage other people to help as much as they can.

If nothing else, I hope it will encourage you to act the same way this individual did if something like this happens to you. 

kittens in a solarium
Credit: Facebook

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you can no longer take care of your cat or kitten, make sure to do the right thing and contact your local shelter or a rescue organization.

If there is nothing else you can do, at least help spread the word and share their story on social media. 

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