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This Outdoor Catio Is Straight Outta Feline Dreams

This Outdoor Catio Is Straight Outta Feline Dreams

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Our furry friends have a whole world outside to explore. For cats, the great outdoors are like their own adventure playground, but our safety concerns often keep them cooped up indoors. 

The addition of this catio transforms everything! This specially designed patio for our feline companions is a dream come true for any cat that enjoys outdoor exploration.

cat in outdoor catio
Credit: TikTok

Check out this quick TikTok clip posted by, where we get a glimpse of a jaw-dropping catio that would make even us humans green with envy. I have some big plans for this catio this summer!!! Its such a great space! Fig and Scout adore it ♥️🐾 #catio #catiolife #cats #mainecoon #adventurecats #catsoftiktok ♬ Finding a Place – David O’Dowda

The video features a catio that’s like something out of a cat’s wildest dream, resembling a mini greenhouse filled with features any feline would adore. I’d like to meet this designer, to redecorate my own house!

cats in outdoor cat area
Credit: TikTok

Walking through a wire door into a plush carpeted haven surrounded by wire walls, I can’t help but imagine this, only on a larger scale, as my ultimate dream home.

I’d even welcome the scratching poles because I’d be sharing this dream home of mine with my beloved cats, no doubt about it.

cat sitting on wooden bench
Credit: TikTok

In this catio, you’ll find high tables where cats can perch, cozy sun loungers, a plant scratching post, and even elevated spots in the trees for birdwatching. 

Oh my, I wish I had a bigger yard to set up something like this for my cats!

In this little paradise, two adorable cats are living their best lives! These furballs are soaking up the sun, taking in the view, and listening to the sounds of the outdoors, all while enjoying the fresh air.

The caption hints at big plans for this summer, as Fig and Scout can’t seem to get enough of their special retreat:

“I have some big plans for this catio this summer!!! It’s such a great space! Fig and Scout adore it!”

photo of a cat sitting
Credit: TikTok

In the comments, fellow cat lovers express their awe at this amazing setup and send love to the two lucky kitties basking in the catio. It’s a tough call though, who’s more beautiful, the cats or their exquisite catio?

“Their own summerhouse. How nice of you!”

One user inquired if the cats ever feel the need to venture outside of the catio, and I’m curious too, because it’s so darn cool!

ForKyra: “Do your cats have the need to go outside of the cat patio? or are they comfortable in there?”

Although this cat owner didn’t specify the exact catio they purchased, it’s suggested that similar options can be found on Wayfair in Boston. 

These might include features like spacious doors, climbing bridges, cozy sleeping nooks, and plenty of platforms for playful antics.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, a catio provides the perfect blend of outdoor enjoyment and safety for our beloved furry friends.

Whether it’s as simple as a window box or an elaborate room-like structure, an outdoor space provides enrichment and relaxation for cats and their humans alike.

“These screened porches designed for cats provide enrichment and a (safe) way to spend time in nature. An outdoor enclosure for cats can be as simple as a window box or as elaborate as a room with a floor, a roof, and furniture for people and pets.”

These two lucky cats are living their best lives in their very own piece of outdoor paradise. Who wouldn’t want to relax in a luxurious catio like this one, basking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air while surrounded by nature’s beauty?

Do you dream of having something similar for your cats? Or perhaps you already have a catio of your own? We’d love to hear your stories and experiences! Feel free to share them with us.

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