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This Cat Has An Attitude That Any Other Feline Would Envy

This Cat Has An Attitude That Any Other Feline Would Envy

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Owning pets is truly an adventure filled with surprises and laughs. Our furry friends can be delightfully sassy and stubborn, and that’s exactly why we adore them. 

But let me share a hilarious cat story that takes independence to a whole new level. I recently stumbled upon a TikTok clip and couldn’t stop laughing.

The video kicks off with the cat’s mom kindly requesting Digit (the cat) to lie down. But this feisty feline has its own agenda. What does it do? It casually paws at a button on the floor that boldly says “No!” 

Yes, you read that right! 

And when its mom, somewhat incredulously, asks if they just said “no,” the cat confidently strikes another button, this time with a defiant “yes.” It’s like they’re telling the world, “Around here, I call the shots!”

Here’s the video to witness this comical feline rebellion:


To say I was caught off guard is an understatement. I JUST introduced yes and no yesterday. How did he pick up on it so fast? 🤣 #catbuttons #bunnybuttons #talkbuttons #funnycat

♬ Comedy Scenes – Comical, stupid, silly, loose, comical, farce(1295330) – Ponetto

Even the dog in the background seems to be in cahoots with the cat, sneakily watching to see their owner’s reaction. 

It’s moments like these that highlight the quirky and entertaining sides of our pets. They possess unique personalities and their own methods of communication that often catch us off guard. 

And let’s be honest, who could resist bursting into laughter at this cat’s antics, even if it technically bent the rules?

Now, if you’re curious about how this cat mom taught Digit to become a button-pressing master, you’ll want to check this out:


Replying to @liv_gruss this is a video on how we got started! I’ll make a second video on how I introduce new buttons. Note: I am not a trainer and this is just the method I used that works for Digit.

♬ Backsound Komedi and Prank – Faid rafanda

Be sure to follow their TikTok profile if you’re interested in discovering how to teach your own feline friends the art of cat communication buttons. Let’s just hope your cat uses them for the right reasons and not just to play pranks on you!

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