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Woman Kept Blaming Family Members For Not Flushing Only To Discover It Was Her Furry Friend

Woman Kept Blaming Family Members For Not Flushing Only To Discover It Was Her Furry Friend

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Cats and their litter boxes, oh boy, they can be a real rollercoaster ride. 

While some kitties hop right in with no complaints, others are like the ultimate critics, demanding the perfect pan, the right litter, and a spot with just the right view. Yep, some cats can be quite the challenge when it comes to the bathroom department.

But then there’s Kit, a spunky 5-month-old kitten. This little furball, let me tell you, decided to bypass all the litter box drama and go for something more… elegant. 

portrait of a cute kitten with a downcast look
Source: irishexaminer

A porcelain throne, to be precise. You’d think training would be the name of the game, right? Nah, not for Kit. He was all like, “I’ll use that human toilet just like the rest of my family, thank you very much.”

Now, Kit’s “toilet knowledge” is seriously something else. But here’s the kicker: he forgot to fill his family in on his new potty plans. 

So, they’re all in the house, blaming each other for not doing the courteous flush after a visit. Classic, right? Until, well, one fateful bathroom trip cracked the case wide open.

Caroline Grufferty, a cat mom with some serious bathroom detective skills, was used to handling all sorts of “business” in her house. But this time, things got a little… weird. 

a boy takes a picture with a kitten
Source: irishexaminer

She’d walk in, expecting to find a nice, clean toilet, but nope, it was full. And she thought, “Oh, seven-year-old Julian must be at it again, forgetting to flush.” So, she did what any mom would do: called Julian out.

But Julian, that clever little guy, said he was innocent and blamed his mom instead! 

The mystery kept swirling until Caroline, the true bathroom sleuth, discovered tiny paw prints on the toilet seat. And then, oh boy, suspicion shifted to their four-legged family member. 

Caroline put on her detective hat (figuratively, of course) and started tailing Kit. And lo and behold, she cracked the case! As she recalls:

“I started watching him and one night when we were watching TV, I noticed him sneaking upstairs by himself and I followed him.”

the cat defecates on the toilet
Source: irishexaminer

That’s when the truth spilled out. Kit marched into the bathroom, hopped up on a little step, and gracefully jumped onto the toilet. 

Caroline watched in awe as he did his pre-bathroom ritual, making sure the bowl was clean. Then, he got down to business. It was like watching a feline genius at work.

“I saw him go into the bathroom, hop up on a baby step, and then jump up onto the toilet. He did his thing where he dips himself down to smell and make sure the bowl is clean, then he turned and started to relieve himself.”

Caroline’s got the scoop: Kit prefers to do his business outside in the yard, but when he’s stuck indoors, he’s got no qualms about using the human toilet. Now, here’s another twist – Kit even understands the flush lever. 

the cat walks on the toilet bowl
Source: irishexaminer

Most of the time, anyway. His little paws are so delicate that he can’t quite pull it off. Maybe when he grows up, he’ll master the art of flushing. Until then, there’s one thing left to teach him: 

“We’ve yet to teach him to wash his paws after he’s finished, but I’m sure we could train him to do the whole lot – he’s a very clever little guy.”

So, there you have it. Kit, the prodigious potty-trained kitten who’s got the whole family in stitches. Stay tuned for more of his bathroom adventures.

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