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People On The Internet Are Defending This Troublesome Kitty And You Must Find Out Why

People On The Internet Are Defending This Troublesome Kitty And You Must Find Out Why

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This cat is a true freedom fighter! Meet Quilty, the cat who’s gotten into trouble for helping fellow felines at the shelter break out of their rooms. It’s like he sees their comfy spaces as some kind of prison.

This smart kitty spots a closed door and just has to open it!

cat looking through glass door
Credit: @free_quilty

Quilty resides at the Friends for Life shelter in Houston, Texas. After watching the caretakers closely, he learned the art of door opening and started freeing senior cats at the shelter.

He was on a door-opening spree, and the shelter staff had no choice but to put him in timeout.

cat looking through the window
Credit: @free_quilty

Quilty was separated from the other cats and placed in solitary until they “Quilty-proofed” the doors.

cat called quilty with his paws up
Credit: @free_quilty

He had to spend some time in the integration kennel. Every new cat who joins the shelter has to spend some time there before starting its life at the shelter. However, Quilty saw it more as punishment and wasn’t a fan.

quilty sitting by the window
Credit: @free_quilty

Fueled by his unhappiness, he executed an escape plan. And unsurprisingly, he succeeded – five times! Talk about one clever kitty!

He might have kept evading capture if he didn’t promptly rejoin the staff after escaping. He’d escape and then follow the humans around.

Though he’s mastered the art of escaping rooms, he’s still learning the art of staying out of trouble, lol!

woman holding the cat
Credit: @free_quilty

Every time he managed to escape, the staff would put him back in his room. He’d get so grumpy that the staff playfully referred to him as one “spicy a**hole.”

grumpy cat looking at the staff member
Credit: @free_quilty

But on the internet, it’s a different story – Quilty has a fan club! People flood his Facebook and Instagram photos, demanding his release and hailing him as a revolutionary.

NHScats says:

“Quilty is innocent”

RealSillyOwl says:

“Yet another genius punished for not conforming to society’s rules. Free Quilty!” 

And many more echoing that Quilty is a rebel and “innocent until proven Quilty.”

quilty leaning against glass door
Credit: @free_quilty

However, Quilty isn’t as innocent as his fans claim. Back in his previous home, he would let pet dogs inside by opening doors. However, his “crimes” only make him more lovable.

new owner holding quilty
Credit: @free_quilty

Recently, Quilty found a new family that doesn’t mind his “criminal record.” This little troublemaker has embarked on a fresh journey with an adoring family in Texas. His new mommy posted an update at the beginning of their journey:

“He is doing really well. He hasn’t tried to hide at all and loves to be in bed or on the couch snuggled up with one of us.”

Despite not being the shelter’s cutest, he’s definitely won the hearts of his new forever family.

“He is the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever met!”

Hope you had a chuckle over Quilty’s tale with a happy twist. His escapades were all in good fun, and he truly deserves his fresh start. What do you think?

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