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This Mother Cat Is Nursing Herself And Here’s Why!

This Mother Cat Is Nursing Herself And Here’s Why!

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I have seen many different things in the animal world that aren’t considered normal, such as a chicken eating her own eggs, or a goat nursing herself, but I have never seen a cat nursing herself despite having her kittens nearby.

In the following short video, you can see a Sphynx mother cat lying next to her kittens and suckling her own nipple. Her owner tries to stop her, but she’s determined to continue.

This is a very unusual thing to see, and most people wonder why this cat is suckling her nipple and drinking her own milk.

Well, according to the Pet MD, there are several possible causes for this odd behavior: 

The mother cat may not be getting the right and nutritious food, leaving her hungry and thirsty after feeding her kittens. 

The mother cat may not be receiving enough food. She might be hungry because she gives her all to her kittens.

The mother cat might be stressed, resulting in suckling her own nipple. If that’s the case, ensure you provide her with a calm and quiet environment so that she can be with her kittens in peace. 

• This behavior may be a symptom of behavioral disorders or pain-related issues that require professional medical help.

The mother cat may have a blocked duct, and she’ll try to clear it, so her babies can nurse properly.

NOTE: If you notice your cat suckling her nipple and drinking her own milk, please contact your vet and take the cat for an examination!

cat nursing herself and a kitten

Whatever the reason for this unusual cat behavior is, I hope that the cat is okay and that her owner did everything to take care of her and her babies in the best way possible. 

Now, here’s a funny takeaway from the comment section to cheer you up!

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