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Spunky Kitten Meets A Grumpy Piglet And They Instantly Form An Unbreakable Bond

Spunky Kitten Meets A Grumpy Piglet And They Instantly Form An Unbreakable Bond

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I never thought I’d see a cat and a piglet as best friends until I came across these two. Their owner, Chantal, shares that they’re practically inseparable. 

Ella, the kitten, and Georges, the piglet, have become so close that they sleep together and Ella even grooms Georges as if he were another kitten. They’re always cuddling and do nearly everything side by side.

photo of kitten and piglet
Credit: YouTube

Whenever Chantal calls Georges for mealtime, both Georges and Ella come racing over, Ella is always like, “Wait for me.” 

The first time Ella saw Georges head outside, she was so upset she cried, wanting nothing more than to stay by his side. Meanwhile, people are amazed that Chantal has a piglet and a cat living together under one roof.

kitten and piglet playing by the window
Credit: YouTube

Ever since she was a little girl, Chantal had always dreamed of having a pet pig. So, when she first met Georges, she was overwhelmed with emotion, nearly moved to tears by his small size. She remembers:

“I almost cried out of joy. He was so tiny.”

Bringing him home, Chantal’s dogs were initially puzzled, wondering, “Who’s this?” Georges appeared grumpy to everyone until he found companionship with his soon-to-be best friend, the family cat.

piglet and kitten indoors
Credit: YouTube

Just three weeks before Georges made his way to his new home, Chantal’s family had also welcomed a new kitten.

kitten and piglet on different sides of gate
Credit: YouTube

From the moment they met, Georges wasn’t grumpy anymore! 

Ella shadows him wherever he goes; if Georges heads to the bedroom, she’s right there, and the same goes for the bathroom, hallway, or anywhere else. Whether running or playing, they’re always together.

photo of kitten and piglet lying together
Credit: YouTube

Even when Georges is asleep, Ella stays close by his side, even if she’s wide awake. They bonded instantly! Chantal has children, so the house is always full of people, but for this kitten and piglet, there’s no friendship quite like theirs.

kitten and piglet lying in wooden basket
Credit: YouTube

Among all the people in the house, Ella is the one who looks after Georges the most. Whenever he heads to bed, Ella follows, grooms him, and cuddles with him until they both fall asleep.

close-up photo of kitten and piglet on a couch
Credit: YouTube

Ella constantly tends to Georges, cleaning his ears and face. Now that Ella has grown a bit, they venture outside together. Chantal is convinced they’re the best of friends.

photo of kitten and piglet lying in wooden basket
Credit: YouTube

Chantal shares that pet pigs are quite affectionate, and cuddle time is Ella and Georges’ favorite activity. With two dogs already part of the family, Georges was the perfect addition, making their household complete. 

The bond between Ella and Georges is exceptionally special to Chantal, who feels overjoyed to provide them with the opportunity to share such a unique friendship. 

“I’m just super happy and proud that they get to live that and they live it to their fullest.”

And I agree! Have you ever witnessed a bond as unique and heartwarming as theirs?

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