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Sick And Starving Cat Fights For Survival After Being Cruelly Abandoned By Her Owner

Sick And Starving Cat Fights For Survival After Being Cruelly Abandoned By Her Owner

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One day, a woman noticed a small silhouette moving quickly on the street surrounded by garbage. When she took a closer look, she saw a highly malnourished cat with lifeless eyes searching for food.

abandoned kitty
Credit: YouTube

That fragile creature was Molly, a cat that was cruelly abandoned by her previous owner. After witnessing such a scene, the woman instantly felt horrible and sad for the poor feline. She knew she needed to take immediate action.

Seeing that Molly couldn’t make it on her own, the woman reached out to Stoyan and Dessy, a local couple who dedicated their life to saving stray cats voluntarily.

After Stoyan and Dessy arrived, the scene was truly heart-wrenching. Molly was shaking from hunger and her skin was so thin that her ribs were clearly visible.

They understood that she needed medical care right away. Once they managed to carefully secure Molly, they rushed off on the 80-mile journey to the vet.

kitten in a box
Credit: YouTube

After a thorough examination, the vet delivered devastating news to them – Molly was battling various health problems. 

Anemia, liver damage, and a parasite infestation were taking a toll on the fragile cat. Additionally, neglect wounds and an ongoing flea issue only added to her distress.

starving cat getting injection
Credit: YouTube

Once they got home, they thought it was a good idea to give Molly a warm bath. She wasn’t too excited about it initially, but once she calmed down, warm water ended up relaxing her.

Dealing with fleas, on the other hand, was a whole other challenge as her fragile body was covered in bites and wounds. 

bathing kitten
Credit: YouTube

Stoyan and Dessy couldn’t help but admire Molly. They were determined to do whatever it took to improve her condition, as they shared on YouTube:

“She has those giant eyes staring at you like saying ‘Please, help me.’”

The couple skilfully blended her medication into her food, and to their surprise, she didn’t even notice it. Thanks to their care, Molly’s appetite came back in no time. She devoured her meals quickly and even made purring sounds while eating.

kitty drinks from a cup
Credit: YouTube

As the time went on, Molly was slowly starting to feel better. However, just as they thought that her fight for survival was over, there were a few more setbacks.

Just two weeks later, Molly started to feel sick again. Her stomach was bloated, and she couldn’t stop vomiting. 

It was clear right away that another visit to the vet was necessary. When they arrived, the additional tests showed that Molly required more treatment.

cat on examination
Credit: YouTube

Stoyan and Dessy spent months looking after her. Each treatment brought noticeable improvements, leading to Molly regaining her weight and vitality.

Soon after finishing her treatment, she transformed into a playful and healthy feline. Now, the streets and garbage are far behind her. 

Thanks to these kind people, Molly found her forever home with the compassionate woman who initially noticed her.

recovered cat at home
Credit: YouTube

Many people online expressed their gratitude towards those who rescued Molly, sharing:

“Relieved to see Molly pulled through and is living her best life with a better owner. Thank you for the work you both do.”

It’s amazing to witness such stories and be reassured that kindness is still out there. There are important lessons we can take away from these kind-hearted people. If only there were more people like them, the world would be a much better place.

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