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This Stray Cat Became A Thief Just To Prove His Love And Gratitude

This Stray Cat Became A Thief Just To Prove His Love And Gratitude

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Over the past few years, my rescue cat Beans presented me with numerous ‘gifts’. I’ve been faced with small lizards, a mouse, and believe it or not with small rocks.

As much as I didn’t know what to do with these presents, one thing was certain. My adorable feline friend found a way to say thank you for all the treats and cuddles he received.

In today’s story, I’ll tell you about a cat who became a real little thief, all to make his human happy. 

This white and ginger fellow was a stray cat for most of his life until a kind woman decided to change his life for the better. Although she didn’t officially adopt him back then, he always had a meal waiting for him and a warm lap to enjoy some cuddles.

fat cat staring at camera
Credit: TikTok

Over time, he became a real chunky fluffball and he spent most of his days in the woman’s garden. Whenever she did some work around the house, he made sure to accompany her throughout the day.

However, one day the woman noticed her feline companion was late for his usual meal. She didn’t think much of it and continued to work on her flowerbeds. Shortly after, the little fluffball emerged from the bushes carrying something odd in his mouth.

cat tief running in front of woman
Credit: TikTok

The woman was curious to see what her feline companion brought back from his adventure. He approached his loving human and presented her with a textile glove, similar to the one she wore daily while tending her garden.

She found it quite funny and gave him a few ear scratches as a thank you. However, she had no idea her little fluffball was soon to become a real thief.

Over the next few days whenever the cat came back from wandering around, he carried a glove in his mouth. The woman soon started wondering where he was finding all these gloves.

gloves on the floor
Credit: TikTok

She asked around the neighborhood, but it seemed no one was missing anything. The woman soon had to put all the gloves in a huge storage box as they slowly overfilled her backyard!

In the meantime, a nearby construction worker noticed their supply of gloves was suspiciously low. He instantly informed his manager about it so they decided to place a camera to find out what was happening.

cat in the dark
Credit: TikTok

That same night the thief was caught red-handed! Once they realized it was just an adorable chunky cat they decided to follow him the next day, curious to see where his stash was.

The construction site manager soon found himself in front of the woman’s house and he explained everything to her. She was a bit embarrassed that her fluffball turned out to be a thief! 

The woman decided to wash all the gloves and return them to the construction site, as a way to say sorry. While washing them, she counted a little over 600 gloves! 

cat with bunch of gloves
Credit: TikTok

After this, the woman realized just how much the cat cared for her. She made the absolute best decision and officially adopted the little thief! 

I’m sure you’ve faced similar situations and surely it warmed your heart knowing that our little fluffballs think about us!

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