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Timid Stray Cat Begged To Be Adopted In A Unique And Adorable Way

Timid Stray Cat Begged To Be Adopted In A Unique And Adorable Way

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Stray cats are often scared and timid, trying to hide away from any possible danger. However, if you show them some love they can turn into the biggest cuddle bugs ever!

Anna Caplan from Ohio never thought that a stray cat would beg her to adopt him one day, but this is exactly what happened to her! 

timid cat
Credit: YouTube

One day, Anna came home only to find a timid cat hiding in her backyard. Since she was a true cat lover and already a proud mom of a tabby cat, she immediately approached the newcomer in her backyard.

However, the adorable stray cat was not used to humans and he instantly went into hiding. 

Anna and her roommate decided to take it slow and they left out some food for him in their backyard. The sweet boy patiently waited for a clear coast and he came out to help himself with the delicious food.

cat on the window sill
Credit: YouTube

However, what Anna didn’t know was that it would take only one meal for the cat to change his behavior. He came out of his hiding place and made himself comfortable on their window, but he was still a bit shy. As Anna said in her video:

“He wasn’t fully comfortable I want to say, until like five or six months.”

hand petting the cat
Credit: YouTube

Anna rushed to open the window and try to cuddle him and although he was still a bit scared, he let her give him a scratch or two. 

After this sweet encounter, this sweet fluffball returned daily and spent his time on the ledge of their window.

Anna named him Bart and over the next few months, Bart followed her everywhere. He was there to escort her to the car whenever she opened the front door.

stray cat at the window
Credit: YouTube

If she was doing some errands around the backyard, Bart was there to lend his helping paw. However, sweet Bart was sick and tired of the harsh street life and he decided it was time to move inside.

Bart figured out an adorable way to get himself adopted. He would come every night and just scratch and paw at their windows or back door. As Anna mentioned:

“He would get up in the window and he would scratch pretty much every single night.”

photo of stray cat
Credit: YouTube

Sweet Bart was ready to be loved and cuddled inside the house, but Anna still couldn’t let him inside. At the time, she and her roommate had foster kittens and until they were adopted, Bart had to stay patient.

Anna couldn’t wait for the day to bring Bart inside and provide him with all the love he desperately needed. Once all her foster kittens went to their forever homes, it was time for Bart to finally move in. 

cat indoors
Credit: YouTube

She brought him inside and after he explored the house and made sure everything was up to his standards, Bart enjoyed all the attention.

He would follow Anna literally everywhere. If she got up to get a glass of water, sweet Bart was right behind her. Anna was completely smitten with Bart and she was more than happy that she adopted him. As she also shared:

“Knowing that I have saved a life and that he is happy, is like the best feeling ever.”

cat looking at the ball
Credit: YouTube

Sweet Bart was finally in a safe home, away from the harsh streets. Make sure to follow his adventures over on Anna’s TikTok page. 

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