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Nothing Makes This Cat Happier Than Running With Her Beloved Human

Nothing Makes This Cat Happier Than Running With Her Beloved Human

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Magnus used to be all about city life, grinding away during the week and sneaking in countryside getaways on weekends. But that all changed once his furry sidekick showed him the magic of nature.

This fluffy cat and her owner Magnus were regulars on countryside walks, but the real race began when it was time to head home – she’d sprint like a pro athlete, leaving Magnus in the dust!

As they began their walk back home for the first time, Rackarkatten eagerly raced her human to the front door.

Credit: YouTube

Their city apartment was their home base, but weekends meant countryside adventures for these two. 

Magnus figured it was the perfect way to let Rackarkatten burn off steam; after all, she wasn’t one for lounging around indoors.

Credit: YouTube

At home, she just sleeps, eats, and cuddles, much like any other indoor kitty, but her owner shares how she’s more of an outdoor adventurer than an indoor-only pet.

“Rackarkatten is definitely an outdoor cat. I gave her access to the backyard and forest, and a whole new world was open for her.”

Credit: YouTube

She loves to run, so her owner was all up for their races in the countryside. 

“We started when she was about two years old. In the summertime maybe two per week, and in the winter two per month.”

Credit: YouTube

The first time they did the “official race” the cat seemed surprised as to how serious her owner was when they ran, but she loved it! 

As evident in many Instagram videos they post, Rackarkatten is always brimming with excitement, eagerly awaiting each new race. As they approach the starting point, she practically bursts with anticipation to start running.

“She always wants to win!”

They’ve been racing for over a decade now, and Rackarkatten’s never lost a match. Rain, snow, or mud – she’s a force of nature.

During the winter, her owner rarely trims her claws, ensuring she can maintain a strong grip while dashing through the snow.

“I think she likes the grip she gets. She would dive into the snow and jump around. However, she likes summer best.”

Who wouldn’t love that? In the summer, Rackarkatten has many options for her runs; fields, forests, country roads – she’s got it all.

Credit: YouTube

This fluffy beauty loves spending time outdoors, and exploring everything. She loves climbing on big boulders, perching high and just watching which corner she’ll explore next. 

“She always looks super happy outside. When she was seven years old we decided to permanently move to the country house.”

Oh, I can only imagine how happy Rackarkatten must have been then, and how happy she is now. She gets to run around and explore the beautiful countryside every day.

Credit: YouTube

“I’m so grateful to have her in my life. She’s such a good and fun friend. She’s taught me to slow down and spend more time at home. She taught me that it’s amazing to just sit and enjoy the forest.”

Cats are full of surprises, aren’t they? Magnus’s cat taught him to cherish home life more, to embrace lazy days and cozy nights. And honestly, what’s better than that?

Credit: YouTube

Cats can teach us much, we just have to listen and observe. My cats have taught me to enjoy the time I spend at home and to do it more often. 

Before, I used to just wait for the weekend to go out and wouldn’t know where my head was until Monday rolled in again. Now, I can’t wait to snuggle up with my cats and watch TV, bake, or simply read and enjoy the warmth of my home.

Is there anything you’ve learned to appreciate since you adopted your cat?

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