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Stray Cat Struggling With A Severe Skin Infection Undergoes A Miraculous Transformation

Stray Cat Struggling With A Severe Skin Infection Undergoes A Miraculous Transformation

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I have rescued a lot of cats over the years while volunteering at a shelter; some of my own cats are also rescues! However, I haven’t nursed a cat back to life like this vet did, or like my colleague Jeffery did. 

Jeffery and his wife rescued three little kittens off the street, just like this vet who rescued this poor cat who later on found herself a furever home. 

Mukki And René, Furever Friends

Before Mukki was named Mukki, and before she went home with René, she was saved and nursed back to life by a lovely lady who luckily happened to be a vet!

The vet heard loud meows while on her way to work, and she followed the sound only to discover this poor, sick cat. 

veterinarian examining sick cat
Credit: René Carnieletto

It was clear that the cat had a skin condition of some sort and that this was affecting her overall health. The cat moved very slowly and meowed in pain. 

Fortunately, the lady that found her worked for the Soi Dog Foundation, which helps rescue cats and dogs who have been abandoned on the street. They said they struggled to get the cat to eat or drink, and she was dehydrated and depressed. 

cat at veterinarian on the table
Credit: René Carnieletto

However, these vets did not abandon Rose, (that’s what they called Mukki before she was adopted by her furever owner). She received all the care and attention she required.

sick and depressed cat on the table
Credit: René Carnieletto

They cleaned her ears, provided meds and antibiotics, and shaved off her fur so she could heal completely. 

shaved sick cat
Credit: René Carnieletto

After this, her appetite was normal and she responded to her therapy quite well. And from the sick and poor-looking cat you’ve seen above, Rose transformed into this:

fat cat laying on vet table
Credit: René Carnieletto

Can you even believe it’s the same cat? Amazing!

She completely recovered and instantly became more cheerful. She transformed into a cuddly, affectionate cat and began to trust the veterinary staff as she grew to understand how much they had helped her. 

fat cat laying
Credit: René Carnieletto

Rose was fully recovered in about two months, and as you can see, she looks like a totally different cat. Then, with her recovery, came her furever friend and owner.

René Carnieletto adopted her and named her Mukki. 

senior man taking a selfie with cat
Credit: René Carnieletto

He fell in love with her and thought her to be adorable. René explains how she always naps beneath his legs and meows loudly when she sees him come back home. 

man holding a cat
Credit: René Carnieletto

Mukki loves cuddling and enjoys the company of her new, and forever, friend. The veterinary staff that nursed her back to life couldn’t be happier for her. They always hoped she would find a furever home and that’s exactly what happened. 

I love it when stories have a happy ending, don’t you?

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