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Stray Kitten Finds A Forever Home Among Farm Goats

Stray Kitten Finds A Forever Home Among Farm Goats

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Here’s a story you don’t hear very often… On a sunny day, while Jan tended to her goats, she spotted a little ball of gray fluff right next to them. 

The goats seemed intrigued, gazing down at the newcomer with curiosity as if asking, “What’s this?!”

This sweet little stray feline hung around the farm for a few weeks, eventually becoming inseparable from his goat companions. Jan explains that they tried getting close to him, but it was simply impossible. However, he wouldn’t leave his goat friends.

kitten walking towards farm goat
Credit: YouTube

They affectionately named him GG, short for “gray goat.” Since his arrival on their farm, GG has become a constant presence alongside the twin goats.

GG sure loves his goats!

kitten lying on wooden box
Credit: YouTube

“We brought the ginger twins, Fletcher and Yoshie, home about two weeks after GG showed up. Everywhere those goats went, they’d be jumping around, playing, and all of a sudden, GG would just jump at them.”

GG simply does everything with his new goat siblings. 

kitten playing with a goat
Credit: YouTube

He participates in every activity, whether the goats are napping, eating, or playing, GG is right there with them. 

Their unique bond grew even stronger because of their close age and playful natures.

photo of cat and a goat
Credit: YouTube

Even now that GG is older, not much has changed in their routine. Each morning, as Jan starts her day, GG patiently waits at the top of the stairs until it’s time to head to the enclosure. 

Once they’re there, GG follows the goats to their feeder and spends the entire day with them. 

farm goat and a gray kitten
Credit: YouTube

It’s no surprise that GG has started mimicking the goats’ behaviors. He nibbles on hay, scratches the wooden walls, and even chews on bark from the trees, just like the goats. 

cat looking at goat eating
Credit: YouTube

Not only that, but the goats seemed to have adopted some of GG’s playful habits, such as sneakily approaching each other. They learn from one another and share similar behaviors and habits, leading Jan to humorously remark, 

“They’re becoming the same. It’s like he’s a goat.”

two cats lying
Credit: YouTube

GG can’t stand being indoors at night. Jan even adopted another cat to keep him company and play with him.

goat and cat lying on trampoline
Credit: YouTube

Despite having a companion cat indoors, GG prefers the company of his beloved goat friends. While he gets along well with the other cat, there’s no substitute for the bond he shares with the goats.

“He’s the most loving cat. GG chose us to be his family.”

It’s evident that GG found his forever home on the farm and decided to stay.

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