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Taxi Driver Was Surprised When He Realized Who’s Been Trapped Behind His Car’s Grille

Taxi Driver Was Surprised When He Realized Who’s Been Trapped Behind His Car’s Grille

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Tom, a taxi driver, was taken by surprise when he stumbled upon a kitten trapped behind his car’s grille. He fondly recalls the day, saying, 

“My partner was driving in front of me and as she went round a corner she looked back, and I saw her freak out. I thought my car was on fire. I pulled over and went to have a look at what it was.”

At first, Tom didn’t notice the little feline, hidden by her black coat. But his partner spotted her, stuck behind the grille, and Tom rushed to rescue the frightened kitten. He explains: 

“I got my toolbox out and got my bumper off of my car. The cat was freaking out, but I did what I had to do and picked her up out of the grille.”

man carrying a kitten

He gently placed the exhausted kitten on the passenger seat, where she quickly drifted off to sleep, likely exhausted from her ordeal. While Tom was driving, the poor kitten was in his car all the time. 

He wasted no more time taking her to the vet to ensure she hadn’t been injured.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the vet discovered that Gizmo, as she was now known, had a microchip. She had been missing for about a week and lived approximately seven miles from Tom’s home. 

kitten behind car grille

The mystery of how she ended up trapped behind his grille remained, but the important thing was that Gizmo was safe and sound and could now be reunited with her family.

Tom presumed she must have somehow gotten in there that fateful day. He couldn’t help but reflect on what might have happened had his partner not noticed the tiny kitten. It was a close call, but Gizmo was home where she belonged.

Gizmo’s grateful family reached out to Tom, expressing their heartfelt thanks for rescuing their beloved pet. This experience changed the way Tom begins his workday, as he admits:

“Now every time I pass my car, I look behind the grille, just in case.” 

It’s a heartwarming tale of chance, kindness, and the remarkable bond between humans and their furry companions.

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