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Caring Hero Rescued Three Tiny Kittens Struggling With Health Problems That Affect Their Growth

Caring Hero Rescued Three Tiny Kittens Struggling With Health Problems That Affect Their Growth

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Grace Choi, the founder of The Happy Kitty Rescue in Los Angeles, California, understands very well the tough challenges that stray and abandoned cats have to go through. 

One day, a nearby shelter contacted her, asking for a loving and caring foster home for three adorable kittens who were in desperate need of help.

kittens in cage
Credit: Instagram

The three little kittens – two calico sisters and a brother in a tuxedo coat, were just 2 weeks old when they got to the shelter. They were in bad shape, covered in feces, very tired, and barely holding on. 

However, Grace knew she had to move quickly. So, she took the kittens home, determined to give them the special care they needed to get better. 

When she looked at them more closely, she found something surprising. Even though the shelter said they were 2 weeks old, Grace saw that their premolars had already come in, showing they were actually closer to 5 weeks old.

adorable three kittens
Credit: Instagram

But, their age wasn’t the only problem. These kittens were surprisingly tiny, weighing only as much as a healthy 2-week-old should. 

This indicated there were health issues affecting their growth. The first thing to do was give them a bath to get rid of the built-up waste. 

Once they were clean and cozy, they were taken to the vet for a complete check-up. Luckily, there were no serious health problems, but the vet recommended probiotics to help with their ongoing diarrhea.

Grace gave them the cute names Matcha, Boba, and Strawberry, and even though they had health problems, their true selves started to show. 

kittens eating
Credit: Instagram

Matcha, the loudest of the three, loved to be held and cuddled. Boba was a bit more quiet and kept to himself. Strawberry, on the other hand, was full of energy and loved to playfully fight with her brothers and sisters. 

Later, Matcha became best friends with another foster kitten named Pumpkin, and they were always together. Little did they know, this special friendship would have a big impact on their lives.

Once the kittens were feeling better, it was time to find them forever homes where they would be loved forever. Luckily, Matcha and Pumpkin, who were already best friends, were adopted together.

This meant they could stay together and continue to be each other’s loyal companions. Boba and Strawberry were also a close pair – they hated being apart and always stayed side by side. 

kittens on colorful blanket
Credit: Instagram

Thankfully, another family fell in love with their strong bond and decided to adopt them both so they could stay together forever.

It’s so heartwarming to see these tiny kittens beat the odds and start fresh with Grace’s help and the foster program. Finding forever homes together is like the cherry on top! It’s incredible how tough these little guys are and how much love they have to offer.

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