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Kind People Built A Cat Sanctuary Providing A Home For More Than 50 Cats

Kind People Built A Cat Sanctuary Providing A Home For More Than 50 Cats

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Believe it or not, there is a special place dedicated to helping and providing shelter for homeless cats. 

Kind people built this shelter, or should I say, cat sanctuary, on a 10,000-kilometer forest area located within a municipal animal shelter. 

photo of a man and three cats in a shelter
Credit: Daily News

It took two years to create, and its sole purpose is to save as many cats as possible!

This small town offers a comfortable and safe space for homeless and stray cats found in the surrounding areas. Currently, there are over 50 formerly homeless cats residing in the sanctuary.

Over 50 Once-Homeless Cats Are Now Safe & Sound

photo of a black cat in the shelter
Credit: Daily News

The shelter workers rescue abandoned cats from the streets, spay or neuter them, and welcome them into this remarkable cat town. 

woman holding a white and yellow cat
Credit: Daily News

There Is No Discrimination In Cat Town

They have a policy of accepting all cats, regardless of age, breed, or health condition, and even care for a few cats with special needs.

photo of a black cat
Credit: Daily News

Hüseyin Aydin, the manager and resident veterinarian of the cat town, provides medical care for sick cats and those with chronic health conditions residing there. 

black cat in the nature
Credit: Daily News

All Cats Are Treated Before Joining Others In The Shelter

Before allowing the cats to roam freely and coexist with others in the sanctuary, Hüseyin ensures they receive proper treatment and are safe to be around.

a cat climbing down the stairs
Credit: Daily News

As seen in the photos, the cat town features bridges, cat houses, walking trails, and bungalows. Each cat has the freedom to choose their own sanctuary for alone time or a cozy nap with another feline companion.

The Main Goal Is To Provide The Cats With A Happy Life

The primary goal of these dedicated shelter workers is to ensure the happiness and well-being of the cats. 

woman in red hoodie picking up a cat
Credit: Daily News

They strive to provide a healthy and joyous life for all the cats brought into the cat town.

photo of a man and a black cat at the shelter
Credit: Daily News

It seems to me that they are doing a great job of it!

photo of a man holding a cat next to a cat house
Credit: Daily News

Their goal is fulfilled. I have no doubt that these cats will live happily ever after. 

shelter cat scratching on wood
Credit: Daily News

Hüseyin considers this place a five-star hotel for these lucky kitties, as they have everything they need for their health and everyday life. 

photo of a cat walking out of cat house
Credit: Daily News

Currently, around 50 cats reside in this incredible cat town, but Hüseyin believes they can expand the area to accommodate even more cats in the future. 

black cat walking by the railing of the cat house
Credit: Daily News

How amazing is this? I’d love to visit this extraordinary cat town someday. How about you?

I hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this remarkable cat town. Please feel free to share your comments on our Facebook page. Your feedback is valuable to us. 

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