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Cat Gets Jealous Every Time His Owner Cuddles The Dog

Cat Gets Jealous Every Time His Owner Cuddles The Dog

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Cats are well-known for their territorial nature, and it’s no surprise when they get a little jealous, especially when they have to share their favorite person. 

One such cat, Mr. Milo, knows this feeling all too well. His owner recently shared a video showcasing his jealousy and even a touch of anger when she was cuddling with her dog, Beckham. 

Mr. Milo’s reaction was nothing short of dramatic!

Have you ever seen a cat get this jealous? It’s quite a sight! My cat Mikey can be a little jealous of our other cats, but not to this extreme.

Mr. Milo was livid! He couldn’t fathom how his beloved meowmy could be cuddling with that golden furball. Outrageous! He resorted to slapping and attacking his owner until she separated from the dog.

And then, in typical cat fashion, he sauntered away, leaving the scene. Hahaha, if this isn’t the most ‘cat’ thing I’ve seen all day, I don’t know what is.

This video perfectly illustrates how cats, just like us, can feel and express jealousy and anger. If you have multiple pets, it’s not uncommon for your cat to engage in a rivalry over attention or food. 

In Mr. Milo’s case, it may seem like he despises his canine sibling, but in reality, they get along just fine. This video captured a fleeting moment of jealousy. As his owner shared earlier, most of the time, they’re on good terms. Check it out:

So, how about you? Have you ever witnessed a jealous cat like Mr. Milo? Share your stories!

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