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Two Kittens Abandoned At Landfill Are Living Proof That Human Cruelty Sometimes Knows No Bounds

Two Kittens Abandoned At Landfill Are Living Proof That Human Cruelty Sometimes Knows No Bounds

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Recently, a rescue group from Los Angeles, California, received a call about two abandoned kittens found at a landfill, desperately needing help. 

The tiny kittens were spotted wandering through the garbage dump without a mother in sight.

The rescuers were heartbroken to hear about the kittens living in such a terrible place, so they immediately jumped into their car and rushed to the scene, hoping they could catch the kittens and turn their lives around.

cat under truck
Source: Facebook

When the rescuers arrived, a couple of locals filled them in on the kittens’ backstory, though no one knew much. 

The kittens had suddenly appeared at the landfill about a week earlier, and they’d been there since, scrounging for scraps of food and looking for affection from passersby. 

It was unlikely that their mother had abandoned them; it seemed more likely that someone had cruelly left them there, not wanting to deal with kittens at home.

abandoned black kitten
Source: Facebook

Because these kittens had experienced human cruelty at such a young age, they were extremely timid and cautious. The rescuers knew that catching them would be a bit of a challenge.

During the day, the kittens would venture out to explore, but at night, when the sun went down and no one was around to look after them, they could be heard crying for someone to save them.

Fearing for their health, the rescuers knew they had to act fast.

woman with sunglasses holding a kitten
Source: Facebook

The rescuers brought some tasty food to gain the kittens’ trust. Switching from scraps in the garbage to fresh canned food was enough for the kittens to see the rescuers as friends rather than foes.

It only took one good meal and a few gentle head scratches for the rescuers to catch the kittens, put them in a cat carrier, and rush them to the vet for a much-needed health check.

two twin kittens
Source: Facebook

After a thorough examination at the vet, the rescuers were relieved to hear some good news.

Besides being malnourished and having a bit of diarrhea from eating rancid food at the landfill, the kittens were in remarkably good health – no infectious diseases, no fleas, no viruses! 

Everyone was thrilled! It meant that with a bit of a diet adjustment and a lot of love, the kittens would grow into healthy and happy cats.

With any luck, once they’re back on their paws, these kittens will find their forever homes, hopefully together, so they can bask under the Los Angeles sun side by side. 

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