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This Cat’s Previous Owner Deemed Her Ugly, Watch How Special She Is Now

This Cat’s Previous Owner Deemed Her Ugly, Watch How Special She Is Now

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Over the years I’ve spent volunteering at various shelters in my local community, I’ve seen many abandoned cats for reasons that made me completely livid. This story is somewhat similar, however there is a happy outcome after all.

Lori Farris is a special education teacher, who visits her students in their homes every day. One day, while she was leaving her student’s house something tiny caught her attention.

A small dilute calico kitten was sitting in the front yard, waiting for someone to notice her. It seemed the kitten was abandoned on the streets, left to fend for herself.

dilute calico cat
Credit: Instagram 

Lori briefly petted her tiny head and continued on her way. However, the kitten decided street life was not fun at all, so she followed Lori to her car, hoping to get more than just a brief petting.

cat on a blue towel
Credit: Instagram 

It took Lori only a few seconds to make a decision – she scooped the kitten up and took her home. 

However, once they got there she realized the kitten was special in a way. Her face was smushed, almost as if nothing was in the right place.

cute strange cat
Credit: Instagram 

Lori decided to take her to the vet to find out if there was something wrong with the kitten. The little one had an eye infection and needed a flea treatment. 

However, when it came to her smushed face even the vet couldn’t figure out the reason behind it, as she said in a video on Tiktok:

“The doctor doesn’t know why she was born this way. It’s just a birth defect.”

Luckily, this little birth defect was not causing her major health problems. One of her nostrils, however, was fused shut and she could only breathe through the other one. As Lori said in the video:

“It’s just funny looking but it still works.”

cat with orange flower
Credit: Instagram 

From that day on, everyone at the vet called her ‘funny face’. Lori named her Willow, after Willow Avenue in Tampa, Florida where she found her on that fateful day.

Everyone was asking Lori why she decided to adopt such an ugly cat, which made her add something more to Willow’s name. She made an Instagram account for her and adorably added ‘Willow the Beautiful Cat’!

cat with pink flower on head
Credit: Instagram 

Despite being a special little fuzzball, Willow is just as normal as any other cat. She is funny and makes her parents laugh all the time. She likes wearing flower hats, made with lots of love by her forever mom Lori!

Today, Willow has many followers on her Instagram account, where her mom Lori posts adorable pictures and motivational quotes showcased by Willow.

cat with a neck sign
Credit: Instagram 

I am more than happy Lori decided to take Willow home, despite her special features. She saw the real beauty Willow had to offer and provided her with a safe and loving home. 

cat with flower and a neck sign
Credit: Instagram 

Make sure to follow Willow on Instagram, so you don’t miss out on her motivational quotes and adorable flower hats. I sure know I will follow her journey!

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