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Meet Lily, A Cross-Eyed Cat With A Unique Marking On Her Face 

Meet Lily, A Cross-Eyed Cat With A Unique Marking On Her Face 

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We can all agree that our feline friends are unique and adorable in their own way. However, recently I’ve stumbled upon this adorable cat, so let me tell you all about Lily!

photo of cross eyed cat
Credit: Instagram

This little fluffball was rescued together with her sister from a construction site when they were just two days old. The woman who saved them was determined to foster these little fluffballs and find them a forever home.

Lily’s sister soon found a loving forever home, however, the kind woman who saved them couldn’t part with Lily. This adorable one-of-a-kind-looking kitten completely stole her heart!

cross eyed cat named lily
Credit: Instagram

The woman decided to adopt her and soon enough Lily took the internet by storm. Besides her adorable cross-eyed gaze, the markings on her face are perfectly symmetrical. 

Her mom soon realized it reminded her of the well-known Rorschach test, hence the nickname – Lily The Rorschach Cat!

two cats on bed
Credit: Instagram

Lily also has a calico sister called Jezabel and the two constantly find ways to be mischievous! Whether they are invading their mom’s privacy or just hanging from the wall, these two fluffballs create complete havoc!

cat lying on a wall
Credit: Instagram

Although Lily is a real tornado around the house, this unique cat also has a soft side. She enjoys cuddling with her mom and watching her get ready in the morning is Lily’s favorite pastime!

cross eyed cat
Credit: Instagram

Lily enjoys finding new spots to ‘hide from Mondays’ as her mom likes to say. However, as hard as she is trying to be invisible, her adorable face marking gives her up every time! Just look at this adorable face!

cat hiding behind the curtain
Credit: Instagram

End of the day, I’m so grateful this beautiful cat was saved from the streets and now we can all enjoy her unique beauty! Make sure to follow Lily over on Instagram so you don’t miss out on her adventures!

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