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Unwanted Deaf Cat Finally Adopted After Spending Years In Shelter

Unwanted Deaf Cat Finally Adopted After Spending Years In Shelter

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Lots of elderly cats end up in animal shelters not knowing what will happen to them. People usually prefer younger cats that have more energy, so the older ones get left behind. However, these senior cats still have lots of love to offer. 

Cali, a beautiful calico cat with green eyes, was one of those unwanted cats that ended up at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas.

She was deaf and only had a few teeth left, which made her seem like she was past her best days. However, deep down, she had a loving heart that was waiting for the perfect person to come along.

cat lying on its back
Credit: Bridgid Staub

Just when she was losing hope, her hero showed up at the perfect moment. A woman named Bridgid Staub was searching for a new furry friend, but she wanted something unique, not just any regular pet. 

After going through medical treatment, Bridgid felt a void that only a fluffy buddy could help with.

She felt like something was missing, so after thinking it over, she chose to go to a shelter, hoping to bond with any of the cats there. As she shared in an interview:

“I felt incomplete. After a lot of thought, I decided to go down to my city’s animal services shelter to see if I connected with any of the cats.”

woman and a cat
Credit: Bridgid Staub

When she arrived at the animal shelter in San Antonio, Texas, she was curious to find out which cat had been there the longest. It was there that she came across Cali, a cat she would end up falling in love with. 

Once she was free to roam around, Cali let out a loud and unique ‘meow’, which brought a smile to Bridgid’s face after a while. She believed it was meant to be, as she mentioned:

“She was a beautiful calico cat with huge green eyes. When she was let out of her cage, she immediately let out a very loud and different-sounding ‘meow.’ This made me smile for the first time in a while.”

close-up photo of deaf cat
Credit: Bridgid Staub

Cali soon felt at ease with Bridgid, as if she was showing her approval. She immediately nudged Bridgid’s hand for some pets, then settled down happily to enjoy the scratches. Bridgid continued:

“After she got her sip of water, she focused her attention on me. She headbutted my hand until I pet her and then she laid down and curled up, enjoying my scritches.”

After spending some time getting to know each other at the shelter, they quickly formed a strong bond and fell in love with each other. From that moment on, they became inseparable.

cat with eyes closed
Credit: Bridgid Staub

After a couple of days, Cali said goodbye to the shelter forever. However, the adjustment to a new home didn’t happen right away. 

Cali felt overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings and was constantly on high alert. The first night was difficult for both of them. Cali’s anxiety prevented her from sleeping, and Bridgid worried about her new furry friend, as she mentioned:

“She didn’t sleep at all the first night. She was so hyper-vigilant and anxious about her new surroundings.”

cat lying
Credit: Bridgid Staub

However, when morning came, something amazing happened. Cali decided to curl up on Bridgid’s lap and peacefully drift off to sleep. She continued:

“The next morning it was as if a light had been switched on. She curled up on my lap while I was on the couch and fell asleep.”

Since then, Cali turned into a complete cuddlebug. She sleeps peacefully all night, sometimes beside Bridgid, and even shares her pillow.

woman and cat cuddling
Credit: Bridgid Staub

Bridigd thought a lot about who saved whom and came to a conclusion – Cali saved her. She brought lots of happiness into her life and she’s really thankful that she chose to adopt her. 

Bridgid claimed it might sound cliché, but she firmly believes that not only did she save Cali by giving her a loving home, but Cali has also saved her! Bridgid added:

“She brings so much joy into my life and I am so thankful that I decided to adopt.”

I think this cat had a lot of love left to share, but she was just waiting for the perfect match. The way this story ended is amazing, and I enjoyed every part of it. 

Some people might not notice older cats like Cali, but they still have so much love to give. So, why not think about welcoming a senior cat into your life? They can still bring tons of joy and happiness!

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