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Unwanted Kitten With Unique Eyes Was On The Brink Of Euthanasia Until She Came Into His Life

Unwanted Kitten With Unique Eyes Was On The Brink Of Euthanasia Until She Came Into His Life

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This is Zeke, a special black and white kitten who was abandoned by the whole world just because he was a bit different from others.

When he arrived at the shelter, it was discovered he was born with hydrocephalus and many skeletal issues that affected his daily life. 

According to PetMD, hydrocephalus happens when there is too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, commonly referred to as “water on the brain.”

As it usually happens with special needs cats, no one wanted to even look at poor Zeke because of his condition. Sadly, he was destined to be euthanized.

But, just when everyone thought there was no way back, a compassionate woman named Lisa came to change Zeke’s destiny and give him the chance he deserves.

Lisa rescued Zeke from euthanasia in the nick of time, and at that same moment, she decided to adopt him officially.

From that moment, not everything was easy, especially because Zeke had to get on a plane and fly from Texas to New York City. However, nothing stopped this duo from living their best life.

Upon their arrival, Zeke quickly settled in his new home, as though he knew he’d stay there forever. Lisa shared:

“Zeke is hysterical, behaving as any normal kitten should, and despite all of his disabilities, he has a heck of a LOT OF ABILITIES. He is such a smart little guy for all his issues.”

Lisa is beyond happy she adopted Zeke. He’s so smart and entertaining that she doesn’t understand how no one wanted to adopt him.

In the end, she’s lucky that no one else adopted him because now, she wouldn’t be having the best pet cat ever. She added:

“He knows his name, comes when you call, and you can see how frustrated he actually gets with both of his front legs when he cannot do something. It is amazing the amount of higher intelligence he possesses.”

What’s even more heartwarming is that, besides a fur-ever home, Zeke also got a feline brother, Super Hero, who was also born with hydrocephalus. 

The two felines appear to have a lot in common and that helped them bond superfast.

Super Hero accepted the big brother role and instantly took Zeke under his wing. He always pays special attention to Zeke, and whenever he goes somewhere or does something he shouldn’t, Super Hero gently herds him back into the room.

With a feline brother and a loving human parent by his side, Zeke grew bigger and stronger until he blossomed into an adult cat with the cutest eyes ever.

Now that you see him, you can’t actually believe that no one wanted him as a kitten. Despite all that, the most important thing is that Zeke has a loving forever home, a caring parent, and a feline brother to rely on. He’s living a purr-fect life!

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