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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me And Purr? 8 Possible Reasons

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me And Purr? 8 Possible Reasons

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Cats can be really cute and yet, at the same time, they are often very mysterious animals. Have you ever found your feline friend staring directly at you with that soul-piercing gaze?

As a cat owner, you must know exactly what I’m talking about. This kind of cat behavior can be confusing and even scary for pet parents (I’m sure you have also seen those “cat plotting your death memes”)!

If you are anything like me, then you must have asked yourself at one point why does my cat stare at me and purr? Well, your cat isn’t crazy. There are perfectly normal reasons to explain why cats stare at you.

8 Reasons Why Cats Stare At Us And Purr

fat tabby British cat sits in wicker basket

Cats can communicate verbally to express their feelings by meowing, hissing, and purring. However, there are many other types of non-verbal communication.

One of them is (Yes! You guessed it right!) staring. This is the cat’s way of expressing its thoughts and it is a form of communication. A cat’s body language and its eyes can tell pet owners a lot; your job is just to observe and listen.

Here are 8 possible reasons for staring and emotions that your cat is trying to communicate to you by staring and purring:

1. Needy Kitty

Even though cats are usually known as pretty independent animals, sometimes they can act like fluffy little divas.

If your cat is staring directly at you while purring, it may be demanding attention. Some cat breeds like more attention than others, but if they are asking for it, it means they want it right then, and you should probably give them some!

If you don’t devote enough attention to your cat during the day, it may feel lonely and abandoned, which is why they are asking for it.

2. Hungry Kitty

surprised red cat with big round eyes sits on the couch

I think all cat lovers must know that the thing every cat loves the most in the world is food. No matter how much you feed them, sometimes it seems that they are always hungry and meowing for you to feed them again.

One of the most likely reasons why your cat might be staring at you is because it wants to be fed. Your kitty wants to remind you that it is mealtime, their food bowl is empty, or perhaps coax you into giving them some treats.

Be careful! Too much food or too many treats can be bad for their health!

3. Loving Kitty

A lot of people consider cats to be cold and heartless. However, cat owners know that this is not true. Lots of cats are extremely affectionate and loving, and they like to show it.

Direct eye contact, purring, and slow blinking can be signs of affection. It is their way of saying I love you and showing you that you mean so much to them. Try to reciprocate this feeling, so your cat also knows that you love them.

4. Happy Kitty

cat laying on the floor and looking up

Cats are very intelligent animals. They understand who is giving them food, cuddles, attention, and love, and therefore they also want to show it.

A happy cat will stare at you and purr to show you that they are content and happy with their life. Happy staring may be accompanied by kneading because adult cats also knead to show their contentment.

5. Sick Kitty

Unfortunately, a cat may also stare at you if it is not feeling well and therefore is trying to get your attention and let you know that there is a problem.

If you notice your cat staring with pleading eyes, while not purring, you should check for any signs of pain or injury, because this just might be a cry for help.

If you find anything of concern, please take care of your cat and take it to the vet.

6. Scared Kitty

Gray kitten cat with stripped fur chest

Your cat might be staring at you to show you that it is feeling scared or threatened. If your cat is staring at you with dilated pupils, especially if it is hidden somewhere in the corner or behind some piece of furniture, this can be a clear sign of fear.

Depending on the source of this fear, by staring at you, your kitty may be seeking consolation and comfort or also keeping an eye out for your reaction to any potential danger.

Keep in mind that it is not advisable to approach your cat directly while it is scared. However, when it is possible, try to give your cat lots of snuggles and love.

7. Angry Kitty

Cats are not the kind of animals that can be bossed around!

If you force your cat to do something and then afterwards you find yourself wondering why is my cat staring at me weirdly? I hate to tell you this, but your cat may be angry with you.

Maybe it’s something you made them do, or perhaps you didn’t clean out their litter box – either way, there is a reason why your cat is angry.

Cat communication isn’t just about cat meowing and those expressive cat’s eyes, it’s also about their body language. Be careful; your cat might be ready to pounce or attack you to show you exactly how angry it is…

8. Friendly Kitty

Ginger tabby young cat sitting on a wooden floor and smiling

Our final reason for strange staring behavior may be that your cat is simply in a friendly mood and wants to play. This is usually accompanied by half-closed eyes, deep purrs, and snuggles.

Make sure you spend a lot of time with your cat. Provide it with lots of cat toys and playtime; I am sure your kitty friend will appreciate it.

PS. It has been scientifically proven that cat purrs and spending time with your cat can both lower high blood pressure, so not only will it make your cat happy, but it may also be good for your health and wellbeing!

Final Thoughts…

If you ever ask yourself “Why does my cat stare at me and purr?”, the key is to know your cat well so you can identify patterns in their behavior.

It is not always easy to understand what your little kitty is trying to say, but don’t worry, just be patient and over time you will learn.

It takes time to learn what a young child is trying to say, so don’t expect to know right away what your cat is communicating, especially when they don’t even speak our language!

Rest assured that when you do learn their way of communication, your relationship with your little furry friend will become even deeper, and you and your cat will be much happier!

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