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Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water And Meowing? Possible Reasons

Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water And Meowing? Possible Reasons

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Cats usually don’t drink a lot of water, however, that can change throughout the year. For example, it’s completely normal if you notice your cat drinking more water than usual during warmer days.

Drinking a lot of water may also be caused by a cat’s diet, for example, cats drink more water when eating dry food.

However, if there are drastic changes in your cat’s behavior where she is drinking more than usual and you notice excessive meowing, it may be time to pay more attention. Usually, your cat’s trying to tell you something and she needs your help.

So, if you have wondered why is my cat drinking a lot of water and meowing then it’s probably time to start monitoring your pet friend closely because maybe she wants to tell you that something’s wrong.

If you’re dealing with this problem, don’t worry, because I’ve got your back!

You just have to read on and find out everything you need to know about your cat’s hydration and possible medical conditions that can lead to excessive drinking and excessive meowing!

Why Is My Cat Drinking A Lot of Water and Meowing?

Besides normal changes in a cat’s drinking during the year, excessive drinking may be a symptom of several serious illnesses that you need to recognize as soon as possible.

Almost every cat owner knows that by meowing, your cat’s trying to tell you something, so if you notice your cat drinking a lot of water and meowing a lot, it’s usually not a good sign.

The best thing to do is to monitor your cat’s drinking water closely and if the behavior continues beyond a day or two, then you should contact your vet for a check up, just in case. The sooner you react, the better it will be for your cat, right?

So you can recognize how much water is too much for your cat, first let’s find out how much water a cat should drink. So, let’s start!

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink?

How much a cat will drink depends on their age and weight. In order to identify a cat’s excessive drinking of water, first we need to know how much water a cat should drink per day.

Cats drink around 270 ml of water per day. If they go way over 270 ml, this may be worrying.

However, there are other factors, besides medical issues, which may influence a cat’s water intake such as:

The Cat’s diet – wet food already contains water, so your cat may drink a smaller amount of water when eating wet food. On the contrary, dry food requires the cat to drink more water after eating it. In addition, food that contains high amounts of sodium will also make the cat drink more.

The Cat’s age – older cats drink more water as their body requires more hydration.

• The Cat’s body weight – cats should drink around 25 ml of water per one pound of their body weight. Larger cats drink more than smaller cats.

The Cat’s environment – warmer weather and places may require your cat to drink more water.

Medication – some medication may require more water intake.

Water fountain – it can be very interesting for your cat to use a fountain and this may encourage them to drink more water.

If you notice excessive thirst in your cat, don’t stop her from drinking. It’s highly important that she is provided with fresh water and a clean water bowl all the time, in several places around the house.

For some reason, your cat requires more water intake in order to stay hydrated.

So make sure your cat isn’t thirsty and that she gets examined by the vet as soon as possible, especially if you notice unusual behavior changes followed by meowing or even yowling.

How To Keep A Cat Hydrated?

Here are a few pieces of advice for helping your cat stay hydrated:

• Make sure you always use a clean water dish.

Change your cat’s water every day.

• Put water bowls in several spots around the house.

Give your cat wet food as its main meal.

• A water fountain or water tap is a great choice for providing a cat with fresh water all the time, but you may have difficulties with monitoring your cat’s water intake.

Excessive Drinking And Meowing Caused By Health Issues

If you have wondered why is your cat drinking a lot of water and meowing, the possible reason may be health issues. Especially when your cat meows loudly, as this is a sign that something’s not quite right.

So, if you notice your cat drinking a lot of water and meowing excessively, it’s high time you start paying more attention to your cat, and if she continues to behave this way, contact your vet!

This excessive thirst is a condition called polydipsia which can be caused by serious illnesses, so let’s take a look at some of these health conditions..

Kidney Disease

Cats are prone to kidney disease, so it’s not a surprise that the vet always checks a cat’s kidney function first when you tell them about a cat’s excessive thirst. So, how are kidneys and thirst connected?

Kidneys are very important for cats because they regulate water and reduce toxins from the blood into the urine. Therefore, if the kidneys don’t function well, a cat will be frequently thirsty which can lead to frequent urination.

Other symptoms of kidney dysfunction include:

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Weight loss

• Frequent urination (even outside the litterbox)

• Weakness


If you notice these symptoms, it’s time for a vet check. The vet will run some urine and blood tests in order to discover the underlying cause. Unfortunately, kidneys can’t fully recover, but the vet can give you advice on how to prevent further damage.

Usually, this means a change in the cat’s diet as she needs to eat food which is low in protein and phosphorus. The vet may even prescribe some medications that will help in regulation if necessary.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

If you notice your cat drinking a lot of water and meowing, a common cause that should be investigated is urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infections may affect both female and male cats, especially for cats that have kidney problems or diabetes. Infection happens when bacteria enters the urethra thus infecting the bladder.

The reason for loud meowing is because your cat may be in pain when urinating, so it’s very important to react on time and get the proper cat care to treat the infection before it gets any worse.

Other symptoms that can help you recognize a urinary tract infection include:

• Blood in urine

• Pain while urinating

• Urinating outside the litterbox

• Urinating frequently in small amounts


While kidney disease cannot be cured, luckily, urinary tract infection can be healed. The vet usually prescribes medications for pain relief and antibiotics that will destroy the infection. After a short period of time, your cat will be happy and healthy again!

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a hormonal condition and it can be very serious for cats.Diabetes means that levels of hormonal insulin are unbalanced.

Cats who suffer from diabetes mellitus may reduce their production of insulin or may stop producing it at all.

This is very serious because insulin regulates the level of blood sugar so if the cat’s body can’t produce enough insulin it may lead them to having high levels of glucose. But how is this connected with thirst?

Well, cats with this problem can’t absorb the glucose from the blood, and they use it as an energy source trying to lower the level of glucose.

That results in excessive thirst and frequent urination. This diabetes mellitus may also result in increased appetite, as the cat is trying to receive extra energy from food.


Unfortunately, this type of diabetes cannot be healed, but it can be treated with a lot of patience.

Usually, the vet prescribes insulin injections to cats suffering from diabetes mellitus, and sometimes a special diet is recommended, along with the proper guidelines and frequent check ups to see if everything’s alright and ensure the medication is working properly.


Hyperthyroidism is another hormonal condition which mostly affects older cats.

The thyroid gland is located in the cat’s neck, and if it starts producing more thyroid hormone than usual, it can become overactive, leading to various problems.

This influences the regulation of the metabolism, making it faster. This is why cats may be drinking a lot of water and eating well, but still suffer from weight loss.

Some other signs of illness include vomiting, diarrhea, and high blood pressure, which makes cats drink even more water than before.


This condition can be treatable, but it depends on the type of the therapy, so there are a few options which your vet may suggest:

Surgery – in order to remove the thyroid gland, surgery is one of the options. This is the fastest but not the safest option, so it’s better left as a last resort.

Anti-Thyroid medications – this therapy includes medications which will regulate the work of the thyroid gland, but if you choose this option, your cat will have to use medications for the rest of her life in order to have the gland working properly.

Iodine therapy – this type of therapy involves radioactive iodine injections that destroy the overactive thyroid cells within 3 months.

Liver Issues

A liver disease may also be the reason for a cat drinking a lot of water and meowing. Let’s see why!

The liver is one of the most crucial organs in the body, and if affected, it may be really serious because it regulates metabolism as well as digestion and waste removal.

Even though liver disease can be very serious in cats, luckily there are treatments for it. There are several types of liver disease, and each type has its own method of treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the type of illness and how far it has progressed.


Let’s look at possible liver diseases and how they should be treated:

Hepatic Lipidosis – this is a condition where a large amount of fat in the liver causes swelling. Luckily, this condition is treated easily through diet although it may take several months to be fully recovered.

Neutrophilic Cholangitis – This is a condition caused by infection of the liver. Also, this condition can be cured if caught in time and treated correctly. Usually, the vet prescribes appropriate antibiotics in order to destroy the infection.

Liver Tumor – this is a more complicated condition than the previous ones, as a tumor causes liver dysfunction. However, no matter what kind of tumor it is, the only solution is for it to be removed by surgery.


Why Is My Cat All Of A Sudden Obsessed With Water?

If your cat suddenly drinks more water than usual, it may mean that your cat’s sick, because increased water intake can be a symptom of various health issues, such as kidney dysfunction.

Or perhaps you have changed your cat’s food and the new one requires more water intake in order to stay hydrated. Remember that your cat may drink more water with the arrival of warmer days.

Why Is My Cat Meowing And Drinking A Lot Of Water?

If your cat is meowing excessively and drinking a lot of water, maybe she’s trying to tell you that something’s wrong and that she needs your help. If you notice this behavior, it’s very important that you take your feline to the vet for a check up.

Final Thoughts

A cat drinking a lot of water and meowing usually means that something’s wrong and that she wants to tell you that. It’s not normal for cats to drink a lot of water, so if you notice that, you should monitor their behavior.

If you notice any other symptoms, such as diarrhea, weight loss, blood in urine, or excessive meowing, you should contact your veterinarian because your cat may be suffering from serious illness and she may be trying to tell you that she’s in pain.

If you have read this article, you know that this particular behavior can be caused by health issues such as liver disease, kidney disease, urinary tract infection, diabetes mellitus, and hyperthyroidism.

Each one of these diseases has a proper treatment, some of them may be completely healed and some not. The important thing is that you react on time to avoid your cat suffering.

Also one of the crucial things is that if you notice your cat drinking a lot of water, don’t stop her, but instead, make sure she has plenty of water in order to stay hydrated.

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