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Is It Normal For Cats To Fart?

Is It Normal For Cats To Fart?

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Of course, it is normal! Cats fart. Everybody farts! As much as we sometimes don’t want to admit it, especially to our better halves, we all fart and it’s a normal occurrence. 

My cats fart so bad, pardon my French, that it stinks up the room in seconds! And guess what? It doesn’t bother them at all! 

So, why do cats do it? How can you help them, and when is it time to pay your vet a visit? 

Most Common Reasons Cats Break Wind

cat farting in sleep

When cats fart, it cannot go unnoticed, believe me! Flatulence is a perfectly natural occurrence in cats, and in all animals, the only difference is that cats’ farts are usually more silent than ours. 

I love my cats, don’t get me wrong, but when only one of them farts it smells so bad that I have to open the window, even if there’s a storm outside. Now imagine if several of them fart at the same time… oof! 

However, it passes within minutes and we usually have a good laugh about it. But I still hate it when it happens, I hate it most when we go to sleep and one of my cats farts, oh it’s the worst! 

You get all comfy and your cat stinks up the whole room, and what’s more, it doesn’t bother him! Anyways, why do our cats fart? Well, as I said, it’s completely normal. 

Flatulence usually occurs because of gas buildup in a cat’s digestive system, which then gets released from its body. Cats usually fart when they swallow too much air while they are drinking or eating. It can also be caused by:

• bad food

• allergies

• intestinal parasites

• digestive condition (e.g. IBD)

If your cat has an allergy to pollen or dust perhaps, or fleas and similar pests, it can cause digestive problems like farting, or even diarrhea, vomiting, and such. 

This is quite common, but if you do notice these symptoms, and they don’t seem to be improving, you should take your cat to the vet.

The Wrong Food Makes It Much Worse

cat farts while it naps

It is important to choose the proper nutrition and set up the right diet plan for your cat, along with your vet. 

You have to set up a plan that contains all the necessary and important vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and is appropriate for your cat’s size, activity levels, and age. Another thing you always need to pay attention to when buying cat food is its fiber content. 

Your cat needs its food to be packed with nutrients, such as:

calcium – for healthy bones

protein – for muscle strength, and healthy fur, skin, and nails

amino acids – a cat’s body makes nonessential amino acids, but its food needs to contain essential amino acids

fat – the nutrient that is the richest in energy (+ omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids)

carbohydrates – cats only need a small amount as they get the energy they require from fat and proteins

vitamins like A, D, E, K, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin

minerals – cats get minerals from animal and plant-based ingredients so you don’t need to provide supplements (unless your vet instructs you otherwise)

fiber – helps with the cat’s digestion 

Fiber is extremely good for your cat’s digestive system, but you also don’t want too much of it. Remember, balance is key! 

Your Lunch Leftovers Are A No-No

cat sits in owner's bed

Especially when it comes to farting! Your cat needs its own food that is designed for its digestive system, and “people food” can only contribute to more farts or even worse problems. 

Some foods, like pumpkin, lettuce, peppers, etc. can be good for your cats in small quantities, but an excess of anything is not good, and this applies to fiber as well. 

Your cat will be able to tolerate certain foods you eat, but it is best to set up a diet plan with your vet and stick to it. You don’t want to cause any imbalance regarding your cat’s nutritional needs. 

Cat food is designed to offer your cat a complete and balanced meal. More importantly, some of the food products you eat can be extremely toxic to your cat. If you want to feed your cat something new, always consult your vet. 

When To Seek Help?

owner petting a cat that farts

It’s not common, but it can happen that your cat’s farts are caused by an illness, most typically Tritrichomonasfoetus, which is an intestinal parasite. As a study on Tritrichomonas foetues infection says, farts are a common symptom:

“The feces has been described as yellow-green in color and malodorous with typical signs of colitis including fresh blood, mucous, fecal incontinence, tenesmus, and flatulence.”

If you notice something like this, or your cat vomits, suffers from diarrhea, or its farts have a particularly strong odor, you should call your vet right away! 

However, know that cat farts are usually nothing to worry about. It does not happen very often, and even when your cat does fart you won’t hear it. However, if you’re indoors, you’ll definitely smell it. 

Remember, your cat’s farts are usually normal, but if you’re at all worried, talk to your vet. It’s always better to act on time if there is anything to act on, and at least you’ll have peace of mind.

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